Published On: June 11, 2021

Skinwalker Epics reviewed in two lines or fewer!


Our next stop in the epics reviewed in two lines or fewer series brings us to the Skinwalkers! I would swiftly move on…


Taurus: A good champion to pair with someone who explodes poisons as he places a lot of them. Other than that he’s not really useful anywhere.

Flesh-Tearer: OK everywhere. But, not good.

Ripper: Terrible champion.

Reinbeast: Used to be insane in the Arena but then got nerfed into the ground. Useless now.

Snorting Thug: No thanks.

Yaga the Insatiable: New player introduction to poisons. That’s it.

Ursine Icecrusher: Average to bad.

Ursine Ironhide: AOE decrease attack which is nice for Faction Wars. Other than that, not worth it.

Steelskull: Old school Clan Boss legend. Still ok, good buffs, nice healing, and some poisons.

Fayne: Great in an unkillable Clan Boss setup but she has too low of a defence to be viable anywhere else. If you can keep her alive she hits very hard and is great against bosses.

Basher: Awesome epic. His A2 is an AOE Increase cooldown for all enemies and has Block Buffs on his A3. He is the MVP of the Skinwalkers Faction Wars.


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  1. Sleet June 19, 2021 at 8:44 am

    I liked yaga’s description, I pulled narma first day so yaga will be a chicken when I get to 60 days lol!

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