Published On: June 27, 2023
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What’s Next in Raid? – June 2023


Plarium has released a brand new What’s Next in Raid video, detailing some exciting new features coming to the game very soon!

So let’s skip the small talk, and get straight to the nitty gritty, and find out what’s coming to Raid Shadow Legends in the near future…


Welcome, raiders! In the latest episode of Raid, we were treated to a sneak peek of some thrilling new features coming our way.

While there may not be a game-changer like Live Arena this time, the developers have prepared a range of exciting updates. Let’s dive in and explore the highlights of this episode!

Raid Weekly Recap Nov 20-27th

Accessory Ascension:

One of the highly anticipated features showcased in this episode is Accessory Ascension.

Similar to Artifacts, Accessories can now be Ascended, providing a significant boost to your champions.

To ascend your accessories, you’ll need a new resource called Extracts instead of Oil. Any Rarity accessory ranked 4 or higher, and at least level 12, can undergo Ascension using Extracts.

Each Ascension level unlocks a unique Bonus Stat, enhancing your champion’s performance.

Phantom Shogun’s Grove:

Prepare to face an exciting new challenge in the Phantom Shogun’s Grove!

Al-Naemeh the Sand Devil now has a partner in crime, Akumori the Phantom Shogun. This formidable undead daimyo guards the magical Extracts required for Ascension.

Akumori possesses a new debuff called Enfeeble, which restricts champions to Weak Hits. As you deal damage with Weak Hits, Akumori’s Shade Counter increases, granting him increased critical rate, critical damage, and devastating single-target nukes that ignore protective buffs.

Beware of his [Block Passive Skills] debuff, a first-of-its-kind boss mechanic. Awakened champions can lower the Shade Counter, and champions with [Taunt] can divert his attention.

Sylvan Watchers Crypt:

The faction of Sylvan Watchers now joins Faction Wars with their own crypt.

Just like the Dwarves and Shadowkin, the Sylvan Watchers Crypt introduces new milestones for you to conquer.

All previous rewards remain the same, except for Lydia the Deathsiren. If you’ve already reached Lydia but forgot to claim her, don’t worry—she’ll be sent straight to your inbox.

However, if you’re still a few stars short, completing the new Crypt will be necessary to earn her.

New Champion Filters:

Managing your growing roster of champions has never been easier thanks to the enhanced Champion Filter.

Available in your collection and on the Battle Select screen, this comprehensive filter allows you to browse and search for champions using a wide range of parameters.

You can filter champions by:

  • Name
  • Rarity
  • Affinity
  • Rank
  • Type
  • Faction
  • Aura skill
  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • and much more!

With this update, team-building for specific game modes becomes a breeze.

Hydra Clash:

Clans in Raid will soon have a thrilling new activity called the Hydra Clash.

This mini-tournament-like event runs weekly and offers additional rewards for participating players.

Five clans are matched against each other, aiming to deal the most damage to the Hydra and earn Clash Points.

Players need to reach a certain damage milestone to be eligible for rewards, which directly correlate to their contribution.

Coordinating with your clan is crucial to secure the top spot and maximize rewards.

New Accessories:

Prepare to strengthen your champions with exclusive Protection and Stoneskin Accessories!

The Protection Accessories perfectly complement the existing Protection Set, offering increased chances of buff protection and additional bonuses such as resistance, speed, and increased damage output.

Stoneskin Accessories grant extra HP, resistance, and an improved shield at the start of each round.

Both of these will ONLY be accessible via the new Hydra Clash Rewards!

New Champions:

What do you think of this What’s Next in Raid video? Let us know in the comments!

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Allergic to jarate
Allergic to jarate
11 months ago

The new champions look awesome!

Ben Spiller
Ben Spiller
11 months ago

the awakened champs decreasing the shade counter feels like a money grab, but i’m still excited to try out that dungeon

11 months ago

Teh more Plarium try to force players to do new contents that they don’t like the more the peoples will quit the game.. that’s what is happening actually… Plarium is making contents for whales end game.. but for the new players and mid players it’s every new update it’s more difficult to play the game and the PVE contents…

Shawn Bazinet
Shawn Bazinet
11 months ago

The daily log in could sure use some upgrading!! How about rewarding those that have been playing EVERY DAY FOR YEARS a much better reward than what is currently given now! At least throw a sacred shard and a 5 star chicken once a month….geesh smh