Zero To Hero – Clan Boss Build

Published On: July 12, 2022

Zero to Hero: Clan Boss Building!

It’s time to dive into the joys of Clan Boss, and we’ll be using the infamous Myth-Fu team, with Jintoro as the DPS to allow for all affinities, without risking Heiress taking the stun!

This team is incredible and with some better gear, we’ll see 1 key across all clan boss difficulties!

To build this, we’ll be using the Team Builder in the Optimiser to do all Champions at once while referring to the DeadwoodJedi Calculator and Myth-Fu Guide to ensure that our team will work!

Step 1: Finding our Builds

We find the required speeds for our Champions from the Speed Tune on DeadwoodJedi’s website:

However, there is a small tweak with Jintoro as our DPS as he gains extra turn meter from his passive, so he can run much slower.

After this, it’s as simple as hitting Optimize and seeing what options we get thrown out by the optimiser! It really is that easy!

Fu-Shan Build:

Demytha Build:

Heiress Build:

Seeker Build:

Jintoro Build:

All masteries were taken from our Champion Pages for their respective Champion, on the Clan Boss set!

Building the Team:

Now that we’ve found all our builds, it’s time to equip them – during this process we had to level up our Heiress, at least to 6* level 1, to equip a banner, and we farmed masteries to Warmaster for all Champions (except Demytha) just so that we could get the team up and running before working on improving the damage.

This part is super simple, but we always need to check our Speeds in the DeadwoodJedi Calculator.

So carefully refer to your masteries and sets and input your stats into the Calculator and make sure that the tune remains the same!

In our case, we had to add a tiny bit of speed to Seeker and Fu-Shan just to lock in the tune.

Once all these checks are completed, and your champions are equipped in their new gear – It’s time to take it for a spin!

**Edit** Before trying this key, Saphyrra decided it wasn’t good enough and that we simply had to make Jintoro run at 3:1 instead of 2:1, so his rehashed build is below.

The Result:

Now, baring in mind that both of the damage dealers in this team are not booked at all (HUGE damage loss), Demytha is missing Warmaster and Heiress does not have Toxic which adds 4-5mil damage at least, the result here is incredible and can only grow from here.

Either way, from no clan boss team to a very solid 2 key on Negative Affinity for Mr Jintoro, this is a result we’re happy with!

Next up Elvo will be taking over to build the Spider Team as we are completely out of silver and need to be able to farm more!!

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