Published On: March 16, 2023
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10x Summon Weekend – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has just announced a 10x event for this upcoming weekend, beginning tomorrow, this will be a part of the Supreme Elhain Fusion, and will contribute to the Summon Rush Event to gain 20 possible Fragments!

This is the first time we’ve seen one of the new Supreme Starter champions in a 10x event since their launch, so now’s a great time to get your hands on Supreme Athel if you actually want her… however she does seem quite underwhelming!

That aside, the Epics in this 10x event are seriously top tier and for accounts who aren’t fortunate enough to have them yet, this is a great opportunity.

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!
This Friday, March 17th, we’re planning to launch a special x10 event to summon the following Champions from Ancient, Sacred, and Void Shards

Plarium Announcement

As always, this is a personal decision that you need to make but there are a few points to consider for this set of events…

  • This is part of the Summon Rush for Supreme Elhain, so if you are going for her you will NEED to pull shards for the Fragments.
  • There is no boosted summon rates – unless you are close to Pity System kicking in, your chances of even getting a legendary are VERY slim.
  • 10x Events are continuously getting worse with the influx of newly added Champions, diluting the chances of you getting these 10x Champions.
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1 year ago

Whoa! I have been looking for either a Seeker, Deacon, or Ma’Shalled to make my double maneater team go 2:1 for a LONG time now. Can’t wait for this weekend. 20 Sacreds all ready to go if needed.