Published On: April 23, 2021
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10x Summoning Weekend – Who did you pull?


With the Underpriest Brogni fusion in full swing and for those still riding that train needing to pull shards for this weekend’s event we want to know who you have pulled.

This weekend there is a 10x summoning event for:

Out of these champions, I can imagine (unless you already have him) Nekhret will be one of the most sought after champions in this pool with many high-end players expected to go hard to pick him up during the event.

For all those players pulling shards this weekend in Raid Shadow Legends, either for the fusion points or to get your hands on one of these champions to improve your account we wish you luck!

We are collecting this data to help learn more about these fusions events and the decisions that people make when approaching 10x events during fusions! be sure to share this with your clanmates to get as many people involved as possible!

If you strike gold make sure you let us know!

Here is what we would like you to comment below:

  1. Out of this list of champions who would you like to pull the most and why?
  2. How many shards did you pull
  3. Who was your best pull of the bunch
  4. Did you pull enough champions for the fusion event?
  5. Did you pull for the fusion event or in hope of picking up somebody from the 10x?
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3 years ago

Went for Nekhret, got Khoronar.

3 years ago

1. Nekhret. The rest I either have or don’t really want.
2. As few as possible, a mix of sacreds, voids, and maybe a few hundred mysteries.
3. Nobody useful.
4. Yes. Got the fragments and spent an extra sacred shard to get a lego book.
5. Only for the event. Usually I try to avoid the 10x events during fusions, but Plarium didn’t really give us a chance this time.

3 years ago

1. Deacon Armstrong for support in UNM Clan Boss and Level 20 Dungeons
2. 2 Sacred, 8 Void, 44 Ancient, Hundreds of Mystery Shards
3. Deacon Armstrong.
4. Yes, pulled only enough for the event.
5. Not really. I am 100% FTP and I don’t really like the x10 events. Totally would have taken a miss on this if it were not required for the fusion.

3 years ago

1) Nekhret
2)50 voids and a few others when I earned them
3)No gold. Finally got my 1st Maneater though
4)Pulled enough for event
5)Was really just pulling for the event but I splurged for more since my mercy system should have kicked in…but still no gold. Oh well, primed for next time.

3 years ago

1) Nekhret or any Legendary is what i wanted
2)6 voids and 5 sacred ( i saved for a while)
3) i pulled 2 deacon and an astralith
4) pulled enough for event
5) i pulled for the fusion and managed to fuse Brogni by the 26th. :)

3 years ago

1) Nekhret the Great, awesome legendary void champ, everybody want the legendary void champs :D But I was also hyped by Daecon and I would have been happy to pull Jitoro
2) 11 ancients, 9 voids, 3 sacred, enough mystery to get the first legendary book of the event
3) Daecon, Minaya & Farakin the Fat, all on sacred (I was very lucky), and only food rares on ancients/voids
4) Yes, I stockpilled shards since the annonce of the 2y aniversary events
5) Only for the fusion, I prefer to pull shards on x2 events

3 years ago

1. Nekhret, Jintoro and Deacon
2. Pulled 2 sacreds, 30 ancients and 10 voids
3. Got myself Jintoro and Deacon
4. I pulled enough for the fusion
5. I only pulled for the fusion

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