Published On: September 27, 2023
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2x Primal Shards and More


2x Primal Shards and More are coming this weekend! Hopefully, you have some Primal shards saved up because there is a 2x event running again and this is the best time to pull shards as you will get double the chance for something good. However, the odds are not doubled for Mythical champions but you will still get the normal chance to pull them in the primal shards.

On top of this, there will be a 10x involved for a new champion plus a few other heavy hitters.

Plarium Announcement:

“Hey y’all! This Friday, September 29th, we’re planning to launch two events simultaneously

We’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Primal Shards

And also, we’re planning to launch a special x10 event to summon the following Champions from Ancient, Sacred, Primal and Void Shards.

Both events will last 72 hours.”

Should you be pulling shards?

As always, whether you pull shards or not is a decision you need to make yourself, however, we can advise you with the following points:

  • If you are either low-spend or Free to Play – events like this are not recommended for you, as you will likely need to be saving shards for the next Fusion, or 2x Event to get the most value out of your limited resources.
  • 10x Events are constantly getting worse with the influx of newly added Champions, due to the increase of Champions diluting the summon pool, however, a 2x paired with a 10x event gives you probably the best ever chance of getting your hands on this Champion!

In other news

“Hey pals! Some news about the upcoming events:

  1. On Thursday, September 28th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Dragon’s Lair.
  2. On Sunday, October 1st, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Ice Golem’s Peak.
  3. Also, on Wednesday, October 4th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Fire Knight’s Castle.
  4. Moreover, on Saturday, October 7th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Spider’s Den”

Super Raids are back and they are really good if you need to get more time in farming as it will cost you double your energy but you’ll get double the reward or double the loss so make sure you can 100% do the dungeon that you are trying to do otherwise you could lose double the energy which no one wants to do! Especially if you are trying to min-max your accounts.

Super Raids are a good thing and should be a permanent feature but that’s for another article! We hope you plan wisely and use the Super Raids if they aid your Fusion progression!


Will you be going for these 2x Primal Summons, with all these champions available on the 10x? Let us know in the comments!

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9 months ago

This should be during the Panda’s Fusion. either the summon rush or champion chase.

9 months ago

If this is during the chase a lot of people will be saying bye to the panda. Hopefully this is alongside the rush, and 2x ancient is during the chase for a way more reasonable fusion.