Turn Meter Champions for Dark Fae
Published On: July 18, 2023
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Best Turn Meter Control Champions for Dark Fae


These are some of the best Turn Meter Champions for Dark Fae, you should build these champions to beat Dark Fae!

After removing your clones, you can focus on targeting Astranyx. To defeat this boss effectively, employ a strategy similar to the one used against the Fire Knight—prevent Astranyx from taking a turn. While you can handle the attacks from the Fae since she’s not the main damage dealer, she will consistently create clones of your allies (usually based on the highest attack champion in your team) and inflict True Fears. Since you need to keep your team’s defensive stats relatively low to defeat the mirror clones, you can likely withstand no more than 2 turns from the Fae. In one turn, she will abduct a champion, inflict True Fear, and follow up with Faerie Storm. Therefore, prioritizing Turn Meter control will be crucial.

Ideally, assemble a team with champions possessing multiple methods of controlling Turn Meter. A standout choice for this boss is Alure, who can reduce turn meter with her A1 skill. One champion in your team should focus on defeating the boss, utilizing high-powered single-target damage dealers such as Acrizia or Whisper. Since poisons are significantly reduced, champions with direct damage abilities or an HP Burn Activator like Ninja are preferable.



Alure is a Turn Meter Goddess and she really knows how to stop opposition from having a turn! Her a1 (Psychic Whip) is what she’s known for as she attacks 3 times at random, but this won’t matter as there is only the boss left. All these attacks drop turn Meter by 25% when she crits so make sure you have enough accuracy and 100% Crit Rate. Her other abilities are pointless for the boss and you should only use her a1! If you have her on your account then you best get building her.


Lyssandra is the Queen of Turn Meter, she really has the kit for being the best Turn Meter manipulator champion as she has 2 abilities that make her shine. Her a2 (Exhaustion) fully depletes the Targets Turn Meter so this skill is amazing for stopping Dark Fae take a turn. Alongside this her a3 (Energize) which Fills your allies Turn Meter and depletes enemies Turn Meter all whilst giving your team an Increase SPD buff. It is pretty bonkers as well with her Aura which is a Speed aura in All Battles. But this leaves an issue you need to make sure you keep your a3 ready for the clones or else the clone will use it against you and you’ll lose the fight. So when you set up your AI make sure you keep the a3 off unless you can recycle her kit quick enough.

Deacon Armstrong

Deacon Armstrong is a champion that you can get for free at the start of the game using a link code! He is basically a mini Lyssandra because his a3 [Time Compression] fills allies’ Turn Meter and Decrease Enemy Turn Meter. This is a great move that you need to save for the final wave or it will be used against you and you’ll lose the fight. He also has an Aura that is great because it is an Increase SPD in all battles aura meaning he can lead your team and grant them a speed boost. on top of this he has a Decrease DEF debuff which comes in clutch when dealing with waves and the boss herself.


Psylar has a great a3 for Dark Fae because she places a Decrease SPD debuff on all enemies and drops Turn Meter meaning she slows the Dark Fae by 30% on top of her Turn Meter drop. This makes her a great champion for controlling the Dark Fae’s Turn meter and allowing your team to get in before the Dark Fae to kill her. Her a1 is an AOE ability so placing her in Stun gear isn’t the worst idea as you can stop the wave attacking.


ruella portrait

Ruella is one of the newer champs and she has an a1 that drops Turn Meter slightly when she crits and her a3 is a Team Turn Meter Fill allowing you to do her a3 first to get your team ready then a1 after to drop the Dark Fae’s Turn Meter. her a2 is also good for Dark Fae as she can place a Decrease Weaken, Decrease DEF and Decrease SPD. All great debuffs for Dark Fae.


acrizia portrait

Acrizia is a monster of a champion and probably one of the best in the game. Especially for her Dungeon killing potential however, she shines in Dark Fae for her a3 [Shut Down] which steals 100% Turn Meter and cannot be resisted if the target has higher MAX HP. This makes it irresistable and she brings a Decrease DEF and a big shield. There is an issue though as you need to kill her clone or you’ll get all this carnage bought back upon yourself and no one wants to feel the wrath of Acrizia. So only bring her if you can kill her on Turn Meter control her properly.

Ba Satha

Ba Satha is a bit of a rouge choice but why not if you have him make some use of him. His a3 [Staggering Heft] drops Turn Meter AOE whilst stunning clones, this is good so you can keep them in control for multiple turns. He also places a Strengthen and a Continuous Heal on all allies which is big if you need to stay alive that little bit longer during the fight.

Skimfos the Consumed

Skimfos the Consumed has a great a3 [Clutch of Woe] which steals 100% Turn meter if the attack is critical so you best build him in 100% Crit rate for him to be effective. On top of this his a1 [Growing Hunger] has a Decrease SPD and a Drop turn Meter making Skimfos insane for controlling the Turn Meter of Dark Fae. In fact he is one of the best and Skimfos doesn’t get the credit he deserves!


Armiger is the best uncommon and is the cheat code for most of the Turn Meter areas of the game! And here he is, back on the list You can easily get a copy of Armiger from Mystery shards, it is still RNG of course but very assessable. The reason Armiger is amazing and better than most other Turn Meter manipulation champions is because his Decrease Turn Meter is his a1 when he crits. Therefore build him in 100% Crit Rate and watch the Turn Meter go down every time he gets a turn. If you can get a couple of them on your team then you are set. Don’t worry with his a2 because it is useless for this boss as you want him to drop Turn Meter.

Blind Seer

Blind Seer is a bit of a weaker Armiger even though one is Legendary and one is uncommon, but it is what it is! Her a1 drops Turn Meter but you need to book it to get as much of a chance to drop it as possible. She also has a team Revive in her kit that allows her pick up any downed allies and places a Block Damage buff on them. This is great as a back up in case you lose some team members, Even if it is in the waves having a reviver on your team can come in clutch to save you. I know it has saved me in my runs!

Are we missing anyone from our list? Let us know below! Check out YST’s Vid here

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10 months ago

Coldheart and Royal Guard (A3) + his A2 Smack
Geomancer and Hurndig (A3)
Yakarl (A2) better version of Skimfos
and our new Fusion Knut ofc all are really good turnmeter control champions
often bringing heavy damage and/or Debuffs

10 months ago

Nethril is another good option – A3 is a 75% TM decrease and A2 is either stun or decrease speed if stun isn’t placed.

10 months ago

Where is Tuhak?! He is awesome. great damage for the clones and decrease speed and turn meter control for the boss!!