Call of the Arbiter Episode 2
Published On: May 26, 2023

Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 2 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 1, as we go on an adventure with Athel!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 2 Recap

This episode starts with the Arbiter, once again sending out her call, but this time to Athel

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

The scene changes to a beautiful city with a large religious building, with Athel and her friend, Inquisitor Shamael training inside, athel loses their spar and after being helped up by Inquisitor Shamael, Godseeker Aniri interrupts them by shouting for Athel, seeming annoyed. 

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

Athel ends up in Godseeker Aniri’s office being berated for forbidden tomes found in her chambers, whats so forbidden about these tombs? Heresy (*belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.*).

During this lecture, a page from said tomb falls to the floor and Athel hides this under her shoe defiantly, when she looks down at this page she notices that it is glowing blue, just like Arbiter in the Galek episode, which if you haven’t read our recap of yet, you can read our Episode 1 Recap Article.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

Godseeker Aniri throws Athel into solitary confinement with nothing but a bench, a large obstructed window and a big cross, she tells Athel to pray for absolution and closes her in.

Whilst Athel is lying on the bench she takes out the page she had previously hidden and studies it, on the page, is Arbiter’s bodice.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

She is interrupted from her hard concentration by Inquisitor Shamael, who appears to have scaled the side of the building to bring her food, she takes the food and Inquisitor Shamael tells her to stop whatever it is that she’s doing that has resulted in being locked in solitary confinement, Shamael leaves when they hear a noise by the door and once the coast is clear.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

Athel sits back down and hears whispers, coming from the page now surrounded by a blue ethereal glow, Athel touches this page and is transported to ‘the lost library’…

Not quite sure how an entire library can be lost… But anyway, in this room, she meets Arbiter, who much like in episode one is floating above her encased in the same blue glow, arbiter tells her:

 “contained here is a truth that the scared order once knew but has forgotten. You must find that truth. It is your purpose.”

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

She then touches Athel‘s hand and Athel is transported back to solitary confinement and seems to have gained a cool new blue glowing hand tattoo.

We then jump to Athel and Shamael sparring again, this time Athel beats him with ease, she has gotten stronger, faster, just generally better, top of her class. Inquisitor Shamael looks at her with a mixture of pride and distrust before the scene changes again.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

We now have Athel reading the very same forbidden tombs alone on the bridge, she realises that the page she has comes from this book right as Inquisitor Shamael shows up and accuses her of using dark magic to improve.

Athel seems genuinely upset by the accusation and informs him that this isn’t magic, it’s the truth, she tells Inquisitor Shamael all about how the scared order was created to eradicate evil, and that Lumaya created a being, The Arbiter, to guide them to the light.

Shamael spots the tattoo – for lack of a better term- and accuses her of changing, Athel quips back that he’s not really concerned, but jealous, they fight some more and part ways.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

After leaving the bridge, Athel goes back to her quarters and packs her things, including a small wooden horse…which you may remember having special significance in Episode 1.

She sets off to sneak out and leave but gets caught by the guards, she pleads with them to let her go, but they kindly remind her that she is sworn to the Covenant and the penalty for desertion is death, right before swinging for her.

She fights the 4 guards off for a while before she is knocked down, saved from a fatal blow by Inquisitor Shamael who seems to have materialized from the shadows or something, why is he always there?

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

Anyway, now united the 2 friends turn to face the guards and ultimately their deaths when Athel‘s hand marking and eyes begin to glow, and she casts down a rain of weapons, which is a clear link to her Ingame ability – Divine Blades (only using a training staff rather than her in-game sword!).

Call of the Arbiter Episode 2

Athel makes it out and asks Inquisitor Shamael to come with her, he declines and says this is her path not his, and to be careful as the Godseeker will be after her. She runs off into the night as the episode comes to an end.

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  1. Prometheus. May 27, 2023 at 7:10 am

    Scared order!!!
    Well to be honest it’s not far from the truth… But it’s sacred. :)

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    The episodes are great!

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    It you guys want someone to proofread/edit your articles before posting them, I’d be willing to on a strictly voluntary position, as long as I could add it to my resume.

  4. Tim Zuck May 30, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    This short stories are great, adds flavor to the game and makes it seem all the more realistic

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