Published On: May 22, 2022

Deliana Starter Guide – May 23rd 2022


With the announcement of the Deliana promotion event, many content creators from various areas will be promoting Raid Shadow Legends, which will likely bring a high influx of new players to the game while they’re able to get their hands on a FREE Legendary Champion.

With a high influx of players, we’ve decided to put together some useful tips and tricks that you NEED to know when starting the game to get the best possible start and to avoid making mistakes that will impact your gameplay going forward and throttle your progression.


First Decisions

So, at the very beginning – The first question people will ask will be regarding the starter champion to pick – while there are 4 options, there’s only one answer in terms of progression and that is Kael, do not get me wrong in the slightest, the rest are mostly great, but Kael brings something unique that the other’s don’t with his ability to land poisons on the enemies. The reason for this is that as you progress into Clan Boss and Dragon, Poisons will be your key source of damage, so it is a silly idea to not take the free option for this from the get-go. You can read more about the starters here.

Once you start the game, the beginning is very much a case of racing to get your first level 60 Champion, which should nearly ALWAYS be your starter Champion, and no – by this we don’t mean Deliana, since you’ll be getting her very early on, we mean Kael (or if you picked another option, then them – but you should be picking Kael!) The reason for this is they will carry you through every aspect of the early game. But regardless of who you pick – your number 1 priority at the start of the game is rushing them to level 60, ascended, fully skilled, and finally – Masteries!

Once you have got your first level 60, you can begin really pushing into the campaign and getting yourself to the all-important, stage 12-3 Brutal – This is the key farming stage, to farm food for upgrading your champions. The only time you’ll want to move away from this stage in the beginning stages of your account is while you are farming important gear from campaign, which leads us to the next point.


What gear do you want in the early game?

One of the biggest difficulties as a new player in Raid is knowing how to effectively gear your champions so they help you progress, but even with that knowledge – good gear is hard to come by at low levels due to the inability to farm higher stage content.

But there are a few key sets that you should be setting your eyes on to enhance your progress. These sets are Speed and Lifesteal, which can be farmed from Stage 6 and Stage 8 of Campaign, along with Dragon’s Lair in the future.

The first 7 days of playing the game, you are given a full set of very viable Life steal gear for your starter champion, this will last you a very long time due to the fact they have set in stone primary stats.

Lifesteal will be a huge key for helping you to keep your champions alive, while speed will help to ensure you get a turn / multiple turns against your enemies.

Of course, there are more viable sets to acquire but they are less obtainable at lower levels, one noteworthy mention, however, is Perception, due to the fact at level 30 you unlock the forge which is instantly loaded with some materials for you to craft yourself some early gear!


Expanding your Roster

Once you’ve got your first level 60, it’s time to look at who else to bring up on your account, while this is very dependent on who you have access to, but we can assume that you’ll have access to the following very early on:

Aside from Deliana, these are all champions that can be farmed from Campaign, and should be done so very early, as they’re great and will help you progress further in the game in all areas, however all the above besides from Kael will be just fine at level 50 to begin with. As you progress, you’ll have to make decisions on what can stay at 50, and what needs to be taken to 60 – often the case is most support champions can do their job just fine at level 50, while damage dealers will need the benefits of being level 60 with masteries to fully do their job.


Preserve your resources

Don’t use any skill books/ tomes as these are very hard to come by and some champions don’t need books. If you have some save them for later as you’ll regret it when you want to book a champion and you remember that you booked an uncommon champion at the start. If you have some then check out the champion you think you should book on the website as there are ratings on whether you should book the champion! But please save them as they are hard to come by especially the epic and legendary ones.

Gems are so useful so do not waste them, you may feel like you get a lot early and you do but that eventually will fall off so make sure you keep them saved away until you really need them. Do not be tempted by an arena refill as it is not worth your precious gems! Don’t spend them on sparing pit as it’s not as helpful as it sounds, don’t refresh the market either as that’s a huge waste!

Don’t spend time on masteries early on as it won’t help you progress as quickly as you want. When your carry is level 60 then it may be an idea for you but before that your main goal is to get Kael to level 60. So don’t leave that campaign, get the levels and keep trying to upgrade your heroes!


Other Resources:

While on your journey through Raid Shadow Legends, there will be many questions that you’ll have, and thankfully there are many places to find the answers you’ll be seeking, whether it be our site, Hellhades’ YouTube Channel, or another Content Creator, but here are some useful places for you to refer to:

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  1. SS2020user May 23, 2022 at 6:26 am

    For anyone who didn’t understand, PICK KAEL. I started with Elhain, and while she is a great campaign farmer and arena nuker (I still use her in many dungeons for waves), but I quickly pulled a Skullcrown who replace her as a campaign farmer and as an arena nuker. Kael brings posion, which is incredibly useful for Dragon and Clan Boss, the 2 areas where you should be focused early on. When I pulled a Kael, he was my 3rd 6-star (after Elhain and Ninja) and he increased my CB damage incredibly much. He is definetivly the best starter champion and you should choose him.

  2. kingslayer_au June 5, 2022 at 1:31 am

    Deliana needs a buff, badly. I’d be happy if they took her decrease resistance ability away and changed her block buffs ability to a 4 turn cd booked to 3. Currently its 5 booked to 4 and in hydra thats 1 turn too many to wait. PLEASE plarium, change this from a 5 to a 4 – 3 booked.

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