Published On: July 18, 2021
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Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Skinwalkers

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Skinwalkers once had the power to cast themselves in the form of any man or beast, but after centuries of overuse, these shamans found themselves entrapped as something less than human but more than animal.

Norog: Underrated defense-based champion. AOE block buffs on his A2 that can smack. Great Passive

Longbeard: One of the best ally attack champions in the game, due to him giving all allies 20% more damage when doing the ally attack ability. He is the best for setting up the blender comp. Hits hard as well.

Hakkorhn Smashlord: Full team cleanse, that is it really. Half decent champion.

Warchief: He is a nightmare when you face him in Doom Tower. If you have him, he is not so great. He is all about the reflect damage passive.

Brakus the Shifter: Hard hitter. Great revive passive that gives him an extra turn. Also brings Increase Attack buff!

Cleopterix: She looks cool! Her A3 that places increase Accuracy and Hex is amazing. Great Champion. Pairs well with Ruel or Thea

Khoronar: Good champion, great support with loads of good buffs and debuffs. Great for control!

What do you think of these reviews, and do you agree with them? Comment down below, we love to hear from you!

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