Published On: March 27, 2023

Guaranteed Void Legendary & 10x Event – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has just released the information regarding this weeks summon events, and there will be a GUARANTEED Legendary Void Champion, along with a 10x Event for 2 very strong Champions.

This will be paired with a Personal Rewards Clan vs Clan Tournament, in honour of the 50th ever Clan vs Clan!


Plarium Announcement

Hey fellas!
We’re planning to launch a few events simultaneously this week:

This Tuesday, March 28th, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon the following Champions from Ancient and Sacred Shards.

And also, we’re planning to launch a Guaranteed Champion event simultaneously with the x10 event.

  • Summon Champions using Void Shards while the event is active, and you are guaranteed to get Supreme Kael by your 110th Void Shard

Remember, if you do happen to summon Supreme Kael before your 110th Void Shard, your event will end.


Are these Champions worth it?

Let’s start off with Supreme Kael, for 110 Void Shards, Kael is certainly an expensive Champion, but a great one at that…

Keeping with the theme of his epic & rare counterparts, Supreme Kael is all about the poisons! providing a skill set loaded with AOE attacks placing non-resistible debuffs, therefore these skills won’t require accuracy. His A1 has a great chance of placing weaken whilst being a Void champion to mitigate affinity disadvantages, so placing this becomes extra reliable. Putrescence applies three 5% poisons on all enemies, making this desirable for poison explosion teams, The Tainted Hellrazor hard mode dragon, or content where poison is your focus!

Swinging his majestic staff, Supreme Kael decides to rain Havoc! Increasing the accuracy of allies, whilst decreasing the resistance of enemies which also brings the potential of self-turn meter gain. This A3 can be solid for players struggling to reach accuracy thresholds for end-game content such as the Iron Twins, or simply keeping you focused on stats to optimise damage & sustain. Degrading his targets, the passive will decrease Accuracy, Crit Rate & Crit Damage by 3% for each active poison debuff. Being able to reduce the odds of bad crits whilst increasing your chance to resist debuffs is great for supporting your team to stay alive!

Based on our Offer Calculator, 110 Void Shards is around £180-£200 (not including the cost of extra items in packs such as gems and books), however, do check all offers here where we offer multi-currency support frequently updated with correct exchange rates. 

Elva Autumnborn was added to Raid during patch 6.20 along with the new faction the Sylvan Watchers. One of the first legendaries in this faction but with a great support kit bringing a single target revive a team speed increase and block debuffs and a strong A1 with healing. Her passive has a similar heal to a Scyl of the Drakes or Siphi and many make comparisons with her saying she is the non-void version of Siphi known as a great champion!

She can be useful almost anywhere in Raid with this kit!

Ukko is remembered not for just being Mighty but being probably the best fusion since Underpriest Brogni. This is mainly due to his passive and A2 ability but also his entire kit. Firstly, Ukko is a double AoE ability making him perfect for anyone looking to run Stun or Taunting sets to control waves as they progress through Dungeon Stages. On the A1 Ukko has a 50% chance to land a Decrease Attack against all enemies on the A1 and another AOE ability on his A2 bringing Block Buffs and Decrease Accuracy. Whilst the A2 buffs may be less desirable in some stages of the game, it will be amazing for the Iron Twins Fortress and for High-End content such as Hydra Clan Boss and Bommal (although you need to ensure you block the increased attack as any buff will disable the effect to place these two debuffs). He also brings a full team Revive that can also be used to place Increase Speed, allowing you to either rescue an emergency or keep your team rolling.

What makes Ukko extra special is his passive ability to steal any buff placed on a 50% chance and then make that protected on himself. This will mess with so many powerful Arena champions such as SiphiDuchess or Nekhret the Great. He can also remove up to 4 buffs on his A2. The passive has no cooldown meaning the combination of A2 and passive will drain those buffs from the enemy team.

No matter what content you are facing whether you are early, mid or late game or even pushing the High Platinum arena, Mighty Ukko will have a place in any team!



  1. SS2020user March 27, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    110 for an A tier void leggo? I’m a couple shards short (110 to be precise), but this is a great event for people with more self control.

    • Schinderdiv March 27, 2023 at 9:14 pm

      Haha, I’m a couple shards short by the same number… Burned through ’em all after months of saving this weekend… Got a Warlord, Teumesia, Riho and dupe Chaagur though, so I’d say I don’t have any regrets.

  2. josh volgstadt March 29, 2023 at 5:36 am

    they did a chaep void shard buy then hardly sell any during the gaurantee pull . I blew all mine

    • SS2020user March 29, 2023 at 7:25 pm

      THey usually throw some bait events before guaranteeds, gotta save through them.

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