Published On: July 4, 2023
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How to build a Solo Champion – Raid Shadow Legends


Raid Shadow Legends is full of Champions capable of soloing some of the hardest dungeons in the game, and hard content such as Doom Tower.

Today we’re going to dive into the specifics of what is required to fulfil this, some of the more popular options, and how to build them.

What is considered a solo champion?

A solo Champion is one that is capable of running the content required completely on their own, or even with 4x Food Champions, allowing you to gain XP for your other Champions whilst also farming gear, they have no need for other supporting champions, they can completely sustain themselves throughout the run and deal the required damage, whether that be from their skills or potentially from sets such as Toxic, albeit a slower option.

The most common solo champions, especially for Dragon are very heavily poison-focused due to their capabilities on the boss stage, although they will also need a way of dealing with wave content, so your average single-target poisoner is unlikely to be able to handle this task!

Why do we want to solo content?

There are a few reasons why soloing content may be valuable to you, the clear and standout answer is the ability to be more efficient with your energy, by farming food whilst farming dungeons it allows you to build a constant and steady supply of food to upgrade your Champions, whilst not missing out on the potential upgrades you can get in dungeons.

Whilst soloing may be slower than your average run in many situations, sometimes it is not the case, and allowing a Champion to go to town on their own allows them to rotate through their turns faster, leading to a lower turn count in your runs, which will be valuable in upcoming Turn Count Tournaments.

What artifact sets are required?

The most common build for a Solo Champion consists of Regeneration, paired with Defiant or Immortal, however, for Champions who bring a lot of self-sustain in their kit and do not require the added healing, you may be able to run sets such as Reflex, Relentless, or even Toxic in some situations (ie, Ultimate Deathknight).

However, outside of Champions who rely on Toxic, using Regeneration and Defiant/Immortal can significantly increase the probability of success even if they are providing their own healing and may reduce the stat requirements for your run.

Stat Requirements:

Of course, this differs for each and every Champion, and where you are trying to solo – however, the general concept behind soloing is going revolve around a few basic principles:

With the wide range of available solo options/areas – refer to the Raid Stages Tool to see the exact requirements for the stage that suits you.

  • Speed – You will need to be going fast to rotate through your abilities, this can be amplified by your choice of masteries, but speed is key!
  • Accuracy – If you’re using a debuff-based solo Champion, you’ll need to have enough accuracy to land your debuffs – typically this is only going to be around 200-250 accuracy for Dungeons, however, this will climb if you’re looking to solo specific Doom Tower stages.
  • Resistance – Resisting the debuffs in dungeons can be detrimental to you being able to successfully soloing content.
  • Defensive Stats – You will need a high amount of Health and Defence in order to survive long enough to solo content, even with Regeneration and Immortal/Defiant gear you will need to be able to live long enough to take turns in order to heal, as much as these sets do reduce the requirements for survival, it is still imperative.

Mastery Setup:

The typical mastery setup for Soloing revolves around gaining Speed from killing enemies, and your allies being killed, paired with Warmaster for added damage – however most Champions find using Oppressor as the final Mastery works best if their damage revolves around debuffs!

Best Champions to solo:

There are so many champions capable of soloing Dungeons nowadays, however, to name a few of the more popular options:

We do have a full article on some of the best Dragon Solo options, but if we’re missing any that you think of, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Do you use any solo champions? If so, who and where – and are they in a similar Solo Build?

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