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Published On: May 28, 2023
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Hydra Creator Clash – The FINAL Results


On Thursday the Hydra Creator Clash came to an end with Skratch and NubRaids facing off one final time to crown the winner!

But who will it be, Skratch who has been the firm favourite throughout the competition – whilst defeating MTG Jedi, and YST or NubRaids who overcame OddOne and HellHades on his path to the final?

Before looking at the final results, we’re going to have a look at what both of the competitors achieved so far in their tournament.

Nub Raids

Nubs went into this Tournament with quite a lot of community backing, due to his in-depth Hydra Knowledge, with him being one of the most prolific Content Creators when it comes to the game mode.

It was a scary start for Nubs, however, being thrown headfirst into a Hydra-off with a very equal opponent, who also is very big on Hydra Content – OddOneGaming.

hydra creator clash nub

Nubs overcame OddOne however in a very close match-up which gave him access to his most-wanted Champion for his draft, Nekmo Thaar, which COMPLETELY changed the course for his team, taking him from scraping just over 110 million damage to an incredibly impressive performance against HellHades in the second round.

hydra creator clash nub 2


Skratch hit the ground running with his incredibly strong team featuring Trunda after his most-wanted Damage Dealer was snatched from him by MTG Jedi, in Taras the Fierce, causing him to rethink his initial plans and find a new way to progress.

After falling back to a Trunda/Kymar setup, Skratch was ready to take on his first opponent – and after some clever voting in the seed vote, he secured a first-round matchup against MTG Jedi – meaning if he was victorious he would be able to claim Taras the Fierce for his own team!

Of course, we wouldn’t be writing this article about Skratch if he wasn’t victorious in that first round, although what a performance from MTG Jedi nonetheless, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to move on to the Semi-Finals.

hydra creator clash skratch

Next up on Skratch’s path to the finals was YST, who was prepared to go down fighting with an incredibly cool team, however unfortunately Khoronar turned up late, with his shoes on the wrong feet, and his t-shirt on backwards, and let the team down.

This allowed Skratch to get through to the final after stopping his run short, leaving his maximum damage a complete mystery as he swapped in Taras the Fierce and no longer used Trunda despite her incredibly strong performance in the first round.

hydra creator clash skratch 2

Hydra Creator Clash – Final Showdown!

Up first in the final – it was Nubs who took the stage, with a rather surprising change in his team, his main source of damage had been replaced!

Step aside Ninja, Varl the Destroyer is here to destroy some Hydra heads!

Varl was a really exciting and interesting change, with him being a Champion ultimately available to everyone through Doom Tower (despite taking a VERY long time) – whilst Ninja is no longer available in the game.

Nubs took an incredibly cool path with his builds in this team from the get-go with his Mithrala built for damage, supported by two other damage dealers in Inquisitor Shamael and Varl the Destroyer, whilst getting a ton of speed and turn meter from the supporting cast.

So, in terms of the damage output – Nubs left everyone speechless (or asleep?) with a crazy performance that lasted nearly 70 minutes, increasing his damage from the previous round by nearly 50 million!

Nub Final Results

But could Skratch overcome this?

Skratch kept the same team, confident that he could bring the fight to Nubs, given the fact that until now we’ve not seen his full potential, having stopped both previous runs after passing his opponents.

But one thing Hydra is good at is providing you with unfavourable RNG at the worst possible moments, paired with the changes in rotation ruining plans!

Unfortunately, Skratch succumbed to the RNG and his run failed much earlier than any previous attempt leaving him


Did you expect this result in the Hydra Creator Clash? Who did you think would win? 

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1 year ago

Congratulation to Nubs! He truly is the hydra’s greatest foe!