Published On: September 3, 2021
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Introducing: Doom Tower 3 – Dark Fae Edition

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Starting today, we get our third variant of Doom Tower with 2 brand-new bosses, Bommal and Astranyx.


Boss Rotation:

Astranyx the Dark Fae is the final boss of this rotation, and the other bosses we’ll be facing are as follows:

Bommal the Dreadhorn
Astranyx the Dark Fae
Grythion the Celestial Griffin
Borgoth the Scarab King


Secret Rooms:

Of course, along with the new rotation comes new secret rooms!


SR1 Rank 6 Champions

SR2 HP Champions

SR3 Spirit Affinity Champions

SR4 Telerian Faction

SR5 DEF Champions

SR6 Magic Affinity Champions

SR7 ATK Champions

SR8 Force Affinity Champions

SR9 Gaellen Pact Faction

SR10 Support Champions

SR11 Rank 6 Champions

SR12 Rare Void Champions


SR1 Epic Champions

SR2 Rank 6 ATK Champions

SR3 Epic Spirit Champions

SR4 Corrupted Faction

SR5 Force DEF Champions

SR6 Magic Support Champions

SR7 Rare HP Champions

SR8 Force HP Champions

SR9 Void support Champions

SR10 Nyresan Union Faction

SR11 Epic Magic Champions

SR12 Rank 6 Rare void ATK Champions

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