Raid Optimiser Beta Open for All Users


Phase 1 of the Raid Optimiser tool is now open to All Members to help beta test!


As many of you may have seen we have been working on a Raid Gear Optimiser tool to help you perfect your teams in Raid: Shadow Legends. Features from this tool will eventually be open for everyone to use, however, to help us test and build the tool we are opening the beta phase to paid premium members.


The beta of the Raid Optimiser tool is only open to paid members so that we can test the tool. Paid members to the website have opted to help us develop and invest in the website so allowing this smaller group of players to test the tool will give us feedback on how to improve it, spot bugs and not overload the server by doing so.

We aim to bring as many tools as possible to all members of the site as soon as possible but we need to test and tweak the tool to make sure that it is ready.

To access the beta you can follow the link under Premium Memberships or by clicking the link here.


How do I use the tool?

The Raid Optimiser Only Works on PC clients running Plarium Play.
There are currently no plans to bring the tool to mobile as the way that the information is shared with the server uses the Raid Extractor Tool that was developed to help players data-mine and theory craft Raid Shadow Legends.

Once you are on the page for the Raid Optimiser tool you will be able to log in using your Username and Password from

If your username and password does not work please follow these steps:

  1. Check that you are a paid premium member of
  2. Check that your payment is active through your account console on
  3. Check that your payment has cleared through PayPal – we have many people with pending our outstanding payments on the service and your account will not activate until this has cleared
  4. Check that your username and password are correct

If these steps still do not work you can contact our team at [email protected] via email. We will be on hand during the launch to try and make the process as smooth as possible. However, please be patient as we are anticipating a lot of traffic during the initial release of the tool. We will come back to you as quickly as possible so please do not resort to spamming discord or direct messages. We will be prioritising issues reported to us via email at this time.


Once you have logged into the Raid Optimiser you will be prompted to download the extractor tool. 

Please then follow these steps:

  1. Download the Raid Extractor
  2. Extract the program into a file on your computer
  3. Open Raid Through Plarium Play
  4. Open the extractor
  5. Log in to the extractor using your details
  6. Click on “upload data”

The extractor will then open in your web browser and give you access to view your champion in the tool.

The Raid Extractor may require you to open it as an administrator on your computer. You can do this by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

You may also need to give permission for the file to run from your firewall.


Now that you have uploaded your account data to the Optimiser Tool you can start optimising your champions.

To do this, select the champion tab in the Optimiser Tool. You can sort through your gear or click Optimise in the bottom right-hand corner to start configuring your builds.


Upcoming Changes.

Here is a list of some of the enhancements that we have in the pipeline for the tool.

  • Champion exclusion – currently the tool looks for equipped gear on all of your champions, however, in the upcoming patch, we will allow you to pick certain champions to exclude from this search.
  • Preset settings for Speed Booster champions, Nuke Champions and Support Champions. More are in the pipeline for this feature.

Known bugs…

Please remember that this is only phase 1 Beta of the Raid Optimiser Tool and it may take us some time to refine it.

  • Presets are currently not active in the optimiser.
  • The optimiser currently does not recognise set bonuses so if you select 2 sets of gear it will not prioritise making a set bonus.
  • The optimiser currently does not recognise lore of steel mastery on your champions.
  • You cannot currently select a champion you do not want to pull gear from.

These bugs are already logged and being worked on. They should be fixed in the next build.

We also have a FAQ section on the optimiser – please check this before reporting any bugs to the team.

Please use the comments below to report back on any more bugs that you pick up on so that we can feed them back to the team.



  1. ndjester April 14, 2021 at 6:31 am

    So, I am having a hard time finding a gear combination that meets my stat minimums, so I do the reasonable thing and start backing them down until I get the minimums im looking for. With the hero Im currently working on, I dialed all relevant stats down to minimums BELOW that represented by her CURRENT equipment, and I still get no hits. Yes, this would imply that my current equipment is not good enough to beat my current equipment. Ive tried to see where anything might be wrong, but simply cant find a reason why this would be. By default, will it never find your “current gear” as an option?

    • HellHades April 14, 2021 at 8:24 am

      it certainly can find current gear. Best bet is to post a screenshot of how you are setting up your search in my discord and we can try to help

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