Update 7.10 Sneak Peek
Published On: May 10, 2023
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Raid Shadow Legends Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek


Are you ready for a Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek?

Plarium has released a video today on the Official Raid Shadow Legends Youtube Channel, giving insight into what we can expect for Patch 7.10, instead of their usual patch notes post.

This highly anticipated update will bring us several new features, improvements and champions, including the Quality of Life changes that were shown in the most recent ‘What’s Next in Raid’ video.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what we can expect from Patch 7.10 based on the information revealed in the official sneak peek video.

Raid: Call of the Arbiter Limited Series

Raid: Call of the Arbiter is coming soon to Raid with ten episodes of animated story goodness, which will begin on May 18th!

The launch of RAID: Call of the Arbiter limited series will be the biggest thing to happen to the world of Raid since its worldwide release.

The team didn’t expect the lore to expand as it did, and as a result, some of their earlier lore works didn’t fit the stories they wanted to tell with RAID: Call of the Arbiter. This means that early Champion stories like Kael, Elhain, and Galek, for example, don’t quite match up with Teleria as it is now.

Consider these as Teleria apocrypha if you will, or non-canon stories. Anything you see in-game from this point on is the truth.

The team has tons of cool things planned to integrate Call of the Arbiter into Raid, including events, new champions, and special rewards.

The special button in your Bastion is your portal to all things RAID: Call of the Arbiter. Tapping on this will bring up a brand new tab where you can watch each episode of the limited series and share it on social media.

Watching each episode via this tab and sharing it on social media will get you rewards. If an episode reaches a certain number of views on YouTube, everyone gets a reward!

Each episode also has a secret code hidden within, which you can decipher and enter to earn more rewards.

Call of the Arbiter 7.10

Expanded Champion Lore

You want more lore, and you want it in-game. Well, Plarium has been working away in secret for the past 6 months to give you more ways to find out about your favourite Champions.

First and foremost, Champion bios are coming to Raid in the form of a new Champion Lore tab, which you can access in the Index, Champion Collection, or the Portal immediately after summoning a Champion.

Not every Champion will have a story of their own at first, but they are working hard to ensure that changes going forward!

The first batch of Champion bios will feature some of the characters that star in RAID: Call of the Arbiter, as well as fan-favourite Legendaries.

The plan is to then add new Champion bios in regular batches, to gradually populate the world of RAID with awesome stories.

This may take some time and we may not get to everyone – there are over 700 Champions in-game – but that’s what we hope to achieve as we go forward.

Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek Lore

Free Legendary Champion!

The team will also be running a 7-day loyalty program where you’ll be able to get a brand new character from the limited series as a Champion.

Who will it be?

This is the only information we have on this so far, but stay tuned as we will update you as soon as we know more!

Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek Call of the Arbiter free legendary

New Artifact Set – Righteous

Along with the Call of the Arbiter Series, there will be lots of new rewards in the game, and, here’s one of them:

Righteous Artifact Set. It’s a 2-piece set that increases your Champion’s speed by 10% and gives them an extra 40 points of resistance.

Patch 7.10 Call of the Arbiter Sneak Peek artifact set

Quality of Life Changes

The quality of life improvements promised in the last What’s Next In Raid video are coming live with Update 7.10.

The team is separating Multi-Battle settings and separating them between Game Modes and, in a few cases, individual Dungeons. Furthermore, the team will expand your options for selling Artifacts that your Champions farm during Multi-Battle sessions.

When the Update goes live, you’ll be able to choose which Artifacts you want to keep based on their Rank, Rarity, Type, Set, specific Substats, or any combination of those. The team is also adding the ability to sort Artifacts and Accessories by Stats.

Check out our previous article that covers the Quality of Life changes coming soon!

auto sell

Fragment Summons Clean-Up

The team is going to sort out the Fragment Summons tab and hide unavailable Champions from the list, except those you have Fragments for.

This’ll make managing your Fragments so much easier.

Fragment Portal

Brand New Champions

To wrap this Sneak Peek up, Raid has several awesome new Champions to show off.

Ogryn fans will be happy to know that a brand new Legendary is joining their Faction, but the team also has a couple more new Champions that they’re excited to reveal.

You can see all the new champions in our dedicated article.


What do you think of the Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek? Let us know in the comments!

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Grzybomir Grzyb
Grzybomir Grzyb
1 year ago

Can’t wait to see who’s that juicy free leggo

1 year ago

I hope it’s either a dwarf or Sacred Order champ. I need help in those factions lol.

Sublime Clarity
Sublime Clarity
1 year ago

When come ?

1 year ago

I would love to have a free Ogryn tribe leggo. I am missing out on these ugly guys for faction wars

1 year ago

Feels great that they’ll be introducing some more lore, a new login dwarf (at least he looks like one!), and hopefully a bunch of new players seems great for the game’s health! Righteous seems like a solid set (also the astetics for it are great), and the QoL leaves a bit to be desired, but for me, a mainly mobile player, they seem pretty useful! Goodbye flatstats (exept for in Dragon)! Call of the Arbiter seems really cool, and will hopefully get us a slightly bigger playerbase!