The best attack down champions for clan boss in Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: January 7, 2021

The best attack down champions for clan boss in Raid Shadow Legends


The Best Attack Down Heroes for Clan Boss:

The clan boss is one of the key aspects of Raid Shadow Legends, and maximising your damage is of huge importance as it opens you up to a variety of rewards, from shards, gems and gear on a daily basis. Progressing your account to hitting Ultra Nightmare as soon as possible is one of the most important progression steps you should focus on.

One of the biggest keys to survival is attack down, in this series we’re going to be covering some of the various options of who you can bring in for this job.

The reason attack down is so vital is both of the clan bosses AOE hits scale from his attack, so reducing this by 50% really reduces the damage he does to you by a massive amount, whereas the stun he does on his 3rd turn of each cycle does not scale from his attack so it won’t affect the damage you take from the stun, which is why champions which cannot keep full uptime on attack down, due to cooldowns can be used as viable options in your clan boss teams still.

This will be broken down into a few articles due to the number of options: In this instalment, we will be covering the champions who bring 50% attack down on their A1 ability.



Coffin Smasher – Coffin Smasher is ONE of the best early game options for this role, due to the fact you can get him from mystery shards he is very Free to Play friendly! His passive is amazing and reduces all AoE damage incoming by 5% which is truly incredible for a rare to bring in their kit. He also provides HP burn on his A2 which can help to push more damage, especially if you don’t have a wide range of poisoners to fill the debuff bar!

Veteran – Much like Coffin Smasher, Veteran is a rare, making him significantly easier to obtain than some other options, however, he is a void rare, so he is still not incredibly easy to obtain. He has a very consistent A1 Attack down which can allow for maximum uptime of the debuff, as well as being neutral affinity – so you’ll never have to worry about weak hits when the clan boss hits affinity after 50%! But as well as this, for affinity clan boss – he also brings Block Buffs, which can be very helpful to stop the clan boss gaining increase attack buff!



Rector Drath – Rector Drath is a very recent addition to the game, she’s a great option for this as she also provides healing for your whole team, and perfect veils if she heals your team above 100% health, which will help to mitigate further incoming damage.

Balthus Drauglord – Balthus is not the best for this, as much as he does provide attack down on his primary ability, he doesn’t exactly bring anything else to your team compared to the other more diverse options, but he is widely available due to the recent fusion for Pyxniel.

Jareg – Jareg is an amazing tank for your clan boss team, as not only does he provide a reliable attack down, he also brings Ally Protection buff on your whole team, and continuous heals, which can really help you recover between big hits and make your team survive for longer. He is quite commonly used – especially in mid-late game teams.

Crimson Helm – While Crimson Helm isn’t very commonly seen in teams, but she does bring a reliable A1 attack down, while also bringing a team increase defense and revive on death buff, while revive on death isn’t hugely used in Clan boss, it can be great for squeezing an extra few hits in before your run ends if timed properly.

Maneater – Most commonly you would not see Maneater built to apply his attack down, as you’d usually see him in a high speed, high damage build for unkillable comps – however if you’re at the stage where you are unable to build an unkillable team, maybe due to missing champions or even missing gear – he can be a very good choice for you, as Hellhades’ F2P account proved for quite some time! You also have the benefit of his block debuffs and unkillable buff, which although won’t be used to maximum effectiveness, can really help you survive longer and give you the chance to heal up between hits with lifesteal/leech.

Peydma – Peydma is an incredibly reliable debuffer for your attack down champion, due to building her with 100% critical rate for her attack down, it also means she will provide a relatively strong amount of damage in your clan boss runs – she is also void affinity making her incredibly good for affinity clan bosses as you will never worry about a weak hit, and she even has a buff steal to avoid the clan boss keeping the 50% increase attack buff on himself!

Sepulcher – Sepulcher is probably the most commonly used epic for attack down, and rightly so, she is absolutely incredible, with a 4:3 ratio she can be used to block debuffs on AOE 2 and block every stun, with the right tuning, she brings a reliable attack down on her primary ability and also has a chance to completely negate damage from an ally each turn, on top of all of this, she provides a defense in all battles aura which is incredibly useful for clan boss.

Tayrel – Tayrel is undoubtedly one of the best epic champions in the game, the earlier you pull him the better as he provides incredibly utility in the clan boss, and all other areas of the game, with an A1 that applies 50% attack down, and an AOE Defense down he really brings a lot to the table, as well as that – he has a defense aura in all battles which will be greatly valuable in any clan boss team!



Altan – One of, if not the best option for attack down in the whole game, Altan provides an incredibly reliable attack down on his A1 ability, whilst also providing incredibly high damage, he really can push your clan boss team to the next level, he also brings a 60% increase defense buff on his A2 which can boost your team’s survival, but also boost the damage of any defense based champions in your team including himself! As well as all of this incredible kit, he also brings a 33% Defense in all battles aura!

Nekhret the Great – A very strong choice, Nekhret is a void affinity legendary, very recently added – he provides a lot of sustain for your team by periodically throwing out Ally protect and Strengthen buffs, which are 2 of the BEST buffs for survivability, he also attacks the enemy with an ally attack alongside anybody under his buffs – which can be great for maximising your damage. However, due to the fact he is a void legendary, he won’t be accessible for a lot of players.



  1. DesertCook January 8, 2021 at 6:27 am

    Regardless of affinity, Altan outperforms Sepulcher. Even if I were to survive a couple extra turn with Sepulcher, damage is always a couple million more with Altan.

    • Phixion January 8, 2021 at 12:23 pm

      Altan is a beast, I wish I had one!

  2. gagaros January 8, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    No Idea why Stag Knight does not appear in any clan boss team…

    • Phixion January 8, 2021 at 4:26 pm

      Only since his ATT down is on his A2 rather than A1 and on a 3 turn CD

      • Novice January 22, 2021 at 8:26 pm

        I understand but Stag Knight and Madame Serris are still viable options for speed teams even if they don’t have ATT down on their A1.

  3. royalyan January 8, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    Sepulcher is probably the most commonly used epic for Defense down.
    U have a mistake here :)

  4. Dkirb January 12, 2021 at 10:27 am

    What about Bogwalker for the Rares?

  5. CreamyFila January 12, 2021 at 12:45 pm

    Any reason War Mother is not on the list? She has a 100% chance of large Attack Down on both hits of her A1.

  6. eacknight April 18, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Hey guys love the content on here. Have you thought to update this page to include Iron Brago? His ATK down is 100% chance to place on a 3 turn cooldown. His passive and Def up are a huge boost to your team too. I feel like a lot of players don’t value his use as an ATK down champ if you don’t have other options

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