Published On: November 15, 2022

The Best Revivers vs Hydra Clan Boss


This list will probably be a bit obvious because some of the best revivers in the game overall also shine in hydra. However, when it comes to a hydra clan boss team, you need people that can fulfill multiple roles. We need a champion who is more than just a reviver; they need to bring extra skills that aid in various ways. Let’s discuss some options for choosing the best reviver for your team composition.


Duchess Lilitu

Duchess Lilitu-Portrait

Duchess Lilitu excels in pretty much every area of the game, Hydra is no different. Her A2 brings Perfect Veil helps you to be able to deal with the Head of Torment and avoid all those fears. That skill also comes with a Block Debuffs and Increase ATK buff. She’s a great reviver, also bringing and A3 with Continuous Heal buffs with a revival of all dead allies. Her A1 attacks then places a Shield on the ally with the lowest HP and her Passive provides damage mitigation from AoE’s, further making her a strong candidate for hydra to help your team survive. However, she’s not really a healer, nor does she bring extra speed manipulation; keep that in mind when choosing others to pair in your team.


Siphi the Lost Bride

Siphi the Lost Bride-Portrait

Siphi the Lost Bride is one of the most sought after champions in the game. She is a top choice for hydra due to her diverse kit. She does most everything you’d want a strong support champion to do: revive, heal, boost turn meter of all allies and bring important buffs like Increase SPD, Block Debuffs and Increase DEF. For hydra, her A1 heal is strong. If needing to heal up, be sure to attack a head with less than 50% turn meter to take advantage of this effect. She can also be great help with for dealing with all the Fear debuffs from the Head of Torment; Her passive has a 50% chance of removing any Fear debuffs from each ally at the start of their turn. Though keep in mind it’s still best to pair her with another cleanser if Inquisitor Shamael or champion with Perfect Veil isn’t on the team.


Mighty Ukko

mighty ukko portait

Mighty Ukko has been one of the best fusions to come to Raid Shadow Legends. He has an amazing kit that just screams HYDRA! An AoE A1 with Decrease ATK debuff is a solid start and provides opportunity for extra utility like adding a Provoke set to help control the Head of Decay. The A2 is another AoE, this having a chance to remove random buffs. It also places Block Buffs and Decrease ACC debuffs on targets that have no buffs after the attack. The A3 revives dead allies and places a Block Damage buff on them. It also places Increase SPD on all allies which can be placed even if there are no dead allies to revive. Having a reviver with so many helpful buffs and debuffs makes this champion unique. However, do keep in mind that his Block Buffs skill is conditional so it is best to pair him with another Block Buffs champion or someone that can Spread Debuffs.


Rakka Viletide

Rakka Viletide Portrait

Rakka Viletide has been a newer addition to the game and as a Void Legendary, not many people likely have her to test and let her shine in Hydra. Her kit sounds a bit quirky overall but if you look at just hydra alone, it’s actually pretty perfect. She brings healing thanks to her A1 which heals the ally with the lowest HP and her Passive which also places a Continuous Heal Buff on an ally at the start of each turn. Her A2 is a cleanse of all debuffs from all allies and places Increase ATK and Shield buffs after. Her A3 is a revive that also can place Block Debuffs buffs even where there are no allies to revive. Her Passive is also great for hydra, filling the turn meter of all allies at the start of each turn. This would make her a great candidate for Relentless gear to go more often and help everyone take extra turns.


Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri is commonly seen in hydra teams for her versatile kit. Her A1 brings a heal, as does her A2. The A2 is also an AoE attack which can decrease the duration of enemy buffs if you decide to build her with Accuracy. It also extends the duration of buffs on all allies; great utility to have in a hydra fight! She brings revival in the form of single target revive with her A3 and also her Passive skill acts like a Revive on Death buff.


Ursala the Mourner

Ursala the Mourner is probably a bit underrated though a top choice for a Hydra battle. Her A1 is unfortunately useless in hydra but her A2 brings an AoE Decrease ATK debuff against all enemies and an Increase ATK buff for all allies. Her kit lends itself well for protection, especially when a heavy hitter like the Head of Wrath is out as her A3 also brings Increase DEF and Strengthen buffs for all allies. This goes with the revival skill but can be used even without a need to revive.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other revivers that can work well for hydra; the list could go on! Arbiter is great overall but better for lower difficulties. Maulie Tankard brings Provoke to the mix along with the Revive but it’s on a long cooldown and only a single target. Elva Autumnborn has great utility but brings a couple random buffs that can throw off Mischief Targeting unless you have a strong target like Krisk or 100% uptime of Block Buffs. Rector Drath brings revive, heal and Perfect Veil to the comp but her Perfect Veil is conditional, making it less ideal for consistent protection from the Head of Torment. Overall, just make sure your reviver works well with the rest of your team comp. You can check out this link for a list of all the revivers and see who works best for you.



  1. Schinderdiv November 15, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Raglin is also great! Her kit may be simple and not necessarily Hydra material, but with a team that can cover everything else she really excels. I use her tanky with high resist in relentless so the turn meter boosts keep coming. Her full team cleanse/heal comes in handy, and her revive is only a 2 turn CD.

    • ivyleegaming November 15, 2022 at 7:07 pm

      Yeah that’s a good shout! I probably should have put her in the brief mentions at least.

  2. InBetweenTheShadows November 15, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    My clan is fairly new so we’re still on normal difficulty, but I have a Duchess and use Arbiter as a backup reviver and turn meter booster. I think she really shines and deserves a shout out since everyone can work towards getting her.

  3. Soeverein November 16, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Sky touched shaman is my favourite healer/reviver. She may not be able to revive directly but the revive on death, coupled with a 2 turn block debuffs on a 3 turn cooldown is awesome. If you have a buff extending champion the block debuff is up 100%. Add the passive heal which is probably the best in the game, build her with an immunity or untouchable set and high res she will heal your whole team every turn.

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