Published On: April 11, 2023
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6 New RAID Champions – Patch 7.0


With the latest patch of RAID Shadow Legends we are already aware of the new Fusion Razelvarg coming to the game, but alongside his addition there will also be 6 new Champions joining the game.

In order to complete the Razelvarg Fusion, we are almost certain based on an image released in the in-game news, that you will need to collect 4 Copies of Delaaja, which can be fused using 16 copies of Margrave Greenhawk

Let’s check out the latest additions to the RAID Champion Pool…



Em’bark’ing on her quest to keep the whispering trees of Mistwood protected, this monarch startles any enemies lost in the woods! Claidna is a Void Legendary joining the Sylvan watchers in patch 7.00 alongside the Razelvarg fusion.

The versatility of Claidna’s skillset is advantageous, providing crucial buffs and debuffs to tackle some of Raids toughest encounters. Starting with her default ability, she has a 75% chance to place a sleep Debuff for 1 turn, which is a vital debuff for the Sand Devils Necropolis. Against this boss, Debuff ‘placement’ is necessary to avoid increasing the slumber counters, which she places two of! This coincides well with her A3 which can open to opportunity to create revive on death compositions.

Another stand out area for her skills is the Hydra boss, which aside from her A1 holds a lot of value. Her A2 has a 100% chance of placing a 30% decrease speed debuff (To slow down the Hydra heads), and a Leech debuff to heal your team (With a 20% heal on top of this!) Due to the fact its a placement skill, this can penetrate through poison cloud to mitigate chances of a bad run. Claidna’s A3 is great to block incoming debuffs, and a revive on death (which although may not be used a tonne) can stack well when paired with Pythion‘s passive. The passive skill of this champion is unique, granting a 50% chance to block incoming damage! which is very similar to the epic champion Sepulcher sentinal.

Overall Claidna can be universally useful for most areas in Raid, bringing great buffs and debuffs for many encounters, and will for sure be a stand out choice for the Sylvan Watchers faction wars.



razelvarg splash artwork

Beware the Wabbits (especially if you are a wolf!)! Chief of all Were-Wabbits, Razelvarg, joins the Skinwalkers as the April 2023 Fusion Champion.

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to Razelvarg’s kit. He has a unique passive where he will passively increase his Speed by 100 in total (5 for every placement of Increase Speed by Razelvarg himself!). The positive with this passive is he will be super fast and easy to get back around to his skills. The downside is he will be an absolute nightmare to speed tune and probably this passive alone disqualifies him from any Clan Boss team!

Alongside this passive, he does bring Increase Accuracy on a 3 turn cooldown the A3 which will help reduce the stat requirements of your entire team (due to him likely running much faster than your allies) and he also has a Leech debuff on an AoE on the A2. His triple hit A1 will make him an excellent option for Fire-Knight progression.

Razelvarg is a great mid game champion that will help you push through wave content faster with 2 AoE abilities some great buffs and also a 20% All Battles Aura however you will find Speed Tuning team with him somewhat of a difficult task.


Wyrennon the Silken

Dressed elegantly in gold silken armour smothered with Emerald gemstones, Wyrennon The Silken joins the Sylvan Watchers faction as part of Patch 7.00 for the Razelvarg Fusion.

As we anticipate the long awaited Sylvan Watchers faction wars, Wyrennon stands as the first Epic reviver from the faction! but that’s not all she has to offer. Waving her majestic sword staff, she fills the turn meter of all allies by 15%, whilst placing a 30% increase speed buff for 2 turns. This 4 turn cooldown speed manipulation is strong (A buff extender may be required for clan boss), and can play a strong role for Hydra boss / PVE teams. Her A1 is simple yet effective, granting a 60% chance to place a 50% Decrease attack debuff for 2 turns, which is always desired for boss encounters without relying on cooldowns!

Wyrennon’s kit is all brought together with Grace of Immortals, reviving a dead ally with 50% HP and 30% Turn meter, followed by a 15% Continuous heal buff. Being on a 4 turn cooldown is great for PVE content, coinciding with a 20% speed aura for faction wars to help you speed your way through! Certainly not the best support Epic in Raid, but a decent kit.



delaaja splash artwork

Duel wielding ferocious blades, this spike-ful lizard hunts down enemies intruding her land. Delaaja joins the Lizardmen Faction as part of the Razelvarg fusion.

Delaaja provides a wide range of utility with her skill set, consisting of heals, Shield buffs, debuffs and a counter attack passive which is great for clan boss! The instincts passive is unique, granting a 50% chance to counter attack enemies when allies from the Lizardmen are attacked (Except herself). Although this has faction limitations, pairing her with champions such as Rhazin Scarhide when facing the Demon lord, will lead to more damage & potential poison placement (30% chance on the A1 for each hit).

Dissolving ferocious blades in swamp lakes, Delaaja attacks all enemies with a 100% chance to place a 50% Decrease attack for 2 turns. This pairs perfectly with the A3 which places a continuous heal & shield buff equal to 20% of her MAX HP on all allies. The balance between these 2 skills creates a blend of damage mitigation, whilst protecting your allies which is ideal for players seeking versatility.

To conclude, Delaaja is a basic yet effective champion, providing Poison debuffs, AOE Damage reduction & overall support for your team. Her best uses will be against the Faction Wars, Demon Lord clan boss, Shield Scarab King strategies and early – mid game progression.



locwain splash artwork

Duel wielding the sacred daggers of Mistwood, this honourable warrior stands to protect the Sylvan empire. Locwain joins the Sylvan Watchers faction during patch 7.00 alongside the Razelvarg Fusion.

Locwain’s abilities are primarily PVP orientated, with the core focus being buff removals, nuking enemies and maximising stats with his passive. His A2 attacks all enemies, and has a 50% chance to remove Veil or Perfect Veil buffs, followed by a 100% chance of removing a random buff from enemies. This can be a great counter to champions protected by a Duchess (As an example), whilst the extra buff removal can assist you to Victory!

With his Focused Force, he attacks 1 enemy 2 times, ignoring Shield buffs and resetting the cooldown of this skill if killing the target enemy. Being able to ignore shield buffs is great, helping you attack through protected targets to optimise skill cooldown chances (not as impactful as ignore defence). Traditionally with nukers, focusing on accuracy stats can be a gear intensive, however Locwain’s passive increases his Acc by 10 for each buff on each enemy! Therefore in go second arena encounters, you have a greater chance to remove buffs from your targets (Granted buffs are active during this attack).

Overall Locwain appears to be a great Buff removing nuker, with a speed aura to utilise in all Arena game modes, and will surely be used in Faction Wars.


Margrave Greenhawk

margrave splash artwork

With the power of the Hawk engraved into his blades, this warrior guards the sacred forest of the Sylvan empire. Margrave Greenhawk is a Rare HP champion joining the Sylvan Watchers faction as part of the Razelvarg fusion.

Whether it be for doom tower secret rooms, the future Sylvan Watchers faction wars, or simply facing the tedious Clan bosses of Telaria … Margrave has a great kit for a Rare! The A3 places two strong forms of damage mitigation, being a 25% Ally protection and 30% Increase Defence. Although these are both the smaller variations of buffs, pairing them together is still impactful for survivability (The downside will be the 4 turn cooldown, so for the clan boss a 4:3 ratio is recommended). With Emotionless Rampage, Greenhawk attacks 3 times at random with a 70% chance of placing a Provoke debuff for 2 turns, making this a strong skill to lock down the Head Of Decay against the Hydra Boss (Being a random hit skill doesn’t guarantee a hit on the Hydra head of choice!).

Overall Margrave Greenhawk provides a simple yet effective kit, utilising strong forms of damage mitigation buffs for demon lord / Provoke debuffs for the Hydra and Magma Dragon, followed by continuous heals and reflect damage to top things off!


Are you excited about any of these Champions? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Claidna seems amazing for Sand Devil.

1 year ago
Reply to  SS2020user

Sleep is inconsistent, the additional TM boost makes it hard to Speed Tune the turn order of a team, she requires accuracy and got a weak base speed for a support unit. I think she’s on a fortus level of void legendary and therefore pretty trash..
Looks like the next guaranteed void legendary for 110+ shards.
I think she is super underwhelming