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Published On: December 7, 2022

The Best Revive on Death Champions in Raid Shadow Legends


With the release of Al-Naemeh, the Sand Devil imminent, Revive on Death is one possible way to deal with the Feasting Swarm ability that ignores all defence, unkillable block damage and shield effects on your champions. You’ll instantly revive back after you take lethal damage. Outside of this new dangerous dungeon, Revive on Death has its place in some unique Clan Boss Teams and as a frustrating strategy to stall in Arena.

Below we have listed the very best Revive on Death Champions currently available in Raid as of Patch 6.22 (November 2022).


Cardiel – Angelsong (A2)

Cardiel will be the first champion on anyone’s list when it comes to Revive on Death. Not only does he place a Protected version of Revive on Death, he also fully cleanses any debuff meaning it cannot be blocked by Block Buffs. Certainly S Tier although be careful with his Passive Joint attack with Al-Naemah, that will result in losing 1 Slumber Counter.


Mother Cybele – Soul Shepherd (A2)

If you have been playing for a while, you’ll remember Mother Cybele was a fusion champ and at the time considered one of the worst. She became very popular with Hydra due to her A1 Decrease Speed but she remains one of the best Revive on Death champions. She just requires quite alot of books…


Skytouched Shaman – Immortal Skies (A2)

A unique champion with a passive that can result in her death, Skytouched has been used in niche teams with surprising success. She is very much a budget Cardiel also able to fully cleanse her team then applied the revive on death. Her buffs however are not protected with a 4 turn cooldown and you do need to ensure her passive doesn’t end up killing her


Lightsworn – Indomitable (A3)

Lightsworn brings additional utility with his revive on death with an A2 that includes Decrease Attack and Decrease Speed on 100% placement. However he is a triple attack A1 with Decrease Speed, both negatives for Al-Naemah so will create issues in your team.


Godseeker Aniri – Guardian Angel (Passive)

Not quite a buff placement but when an ally is about to die, Godseeker jumps in and places a Revive on Death on that champion. This is a clever strategy for Al-Naemah where you can place an aoe reviver in your Leader Position (Godseeker will prioritise via team order) and when you take the Feasting Swarm, Godseeker will revive your Reviver. She also brings another revive, a buff extension for your entire team and substantial healing!


Honourable Mentions

There are a number of other Revive on Death champions that unfortunately are not ideal for the Sand Devil or are too dependant on conditions. Let’s list these:

  1. Lady Annabelle – She is great for Bommal Solo but only places a single target based on a HP swap.
  2. BattleSage – A very good champion for cleansing debuffs but only a single target revive on death and no other utility for the Sand Devil
  3. Cruetraxa – A strong damage dealer but will only revive herself.
  4. Shamrock – Requires your team to be below 50% HP, a very difficult scenario to create
  5. Crimson Helm – Brings a Decrease attack but has one of the worst base speeds in the game and a long CD on the Revive on death.


  1. SS2020user December 8, 2022 at 10:45 am

    The amount of champs here tells me that we need a christmas/January fusion with revive on death and sleep.

  2. Soeverein January 2, 2023 at 12:13 am

    I have been using Mother Cybele since I pulled her and have her fully booked. She is AMAZING, the full team revive is great but the A3 is a life-saver if any teammember is about to die. With revenge Ring, amulet and Banner the counterattack is procced quite often, making her an arena champ too!

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