Call of the Arbiter Episode 4
Published On: June 9, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 4 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 4, as we go on an adventure with Elhain!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 4 Recap

This episode is once again narrated by the arbiter from start to finish, we’ll include a copy of the narration at the bottom again.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 4

The episode again starts with the intro we are used to, The Arbiter calling out to Elhain, the scene sets where the last episode ended, with Kael and Elhain staring at each other after fighting each other, we quickly go into a flashback to just before the Conclave of the Elves.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 4

Elhain is watching Kael through the window as the Dark Elves arrive, Queen Eva comes to stand with Elhain and she is sent off to save a group of High Elves who are outnumbered fighting a different war, this time against the Demonspawn, Elhain looks conflicted about leaving. She arrives just in time to save the High Elves from an ambush led by Mortu-Macaab. Elhain seems to save the group pretty much single-handedly, appearing heartbroken rather than victorious both during and after the fight.

We jump back to Queen Evas castle, where Elahin is being crowned The Princess Regent and Commander of the High Elf Elite Guard, again looking more unhappy than would be expected when being promoted as such. 

Elhain eventually returns to the cave finding it destroyed, she holds onto her necklace reaching out for kael, and doing so eventually leads her to Kael’s discarded necklace on the floor. She picks it up, appearing hurt once again by this.

We once again jump back to Kael and Elhains reunion, with both getting ready to fight again. After Kael pushes her away, Elhain is nocking back an arrow, aiming it at Kael, ready to shoot whilst Kael is pointing his staff towards Elhain.

Elhain Raid Shadow Legends

Elhain lowers her bow, surrendering, seeming unwilling to hurt Kael. Kael is joined by the Dark Elf team he led into the castle in the previous episode, orders are made for Elhain to be captured, and in a very Galek-esque move, Kael kills some of his squad to save Elhain before they finish off the rest together, fighting side by side.

Kael embraces Elhain as a group of High Elf Guards arrive in the doorway, Elhain casts some kind of room-sealing incantation, which Kael joins in to strengthen. When it seems like they cannot hold on any longer, a wave of blue light comes and knocks out the guards. They turn around and are met by The Arbiter, floating above them. The Arbiter reaches out to them and says “Come elves you are needed.” Kael and Elhain join hands and walk off into The Arbiter’s light together.

Queen Eva enters the room, and finding Elhain’s tiara on the ground, she looks up and says “It seems you have a higher calling” The episode ends here.

Queen Eva Lore

Arbiter’s Narration:

“For years, Kael had believed that Elhain had abandoned him. But the foundations upon which he had built his hatred would soon crumble. Elhain had eagerly looked forward to the conclave of the elves when she would see her beloved Kael.

But Queen Eva had need of Elhain. She had learned of an ambush. A contingent of High Elves was trapped and outnumbered. She would need her best warrior to turn the tide of a dire situation. Elhain’s heart and her duty were at war with each other.

The Dark Elves were not the only race to quarrel with the High Elves. The Demon Spawn made war at the edges of the Elven borders. Elhain longed to return to Kael, but it was not to be. The tale of Elhain’s legend grew.

Queen Eva named Elhain Princess Regent and Commander of the High Elf Elite guard. But her heart was broken. She attempted to reach out to him but she could no longer feel their connection. She could feel Kael’s pain.

They who truly love are not easily separated. What was lost had been found.”


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