Every Dwarves epic reviewed: in two lines or fewer!

Published On: June 18, 2021

Every Dwarves epic reviewed: in two lines or fewer!


We’ve reached the faction where the weapons are bigger than the champs! Every Dwarves epic reviewed in two lines or under!


Grizzled Jarl: Awesome for this Faction’s Faction Wars but that’s about it,

Rearguard Sergeant: Good for Faction Wars and Clan Boss, drop defence, attack, heals, and protection. Good champion.

Geomancer: Good for the Spider Dungeon, turn meter steal ability that also places weaken and HP burn. Pair him with a debuff spreader and the Spider will be dead. On his own, not great. Average champion.

Rock breaker: Excellent Faction Wars Stage 21 Tank. Other than that average champ.

Melga Steelgirdle: Brilliant support champion. Big shield on a 3 turn cooldown. She also has a revive.

Fodbor the Bard: Good champion for Fire Knight, AOE Decrease Defence, which is rare in this Faction for Faction Wars.

Runekeeper Dazdurk: Has a full debuff cleanse, turn meter fill, and an increase attack buff. Decent epic.

Baerdal Fellhammer: Good for Fire Knight, that’s all. Next.

Gala Longbraids: Can be hard hitting. Will most likely be your damage dealer in Faction Wars. Puts a shield on herself to help her stay alive, solid champion.

Rugnor Goldgleam: Good debuffs and buffs. Good solid champion.


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  1. Holypanzer June 19, 2021 at 2:34 am

    Thanks again for providing good ACCURATE information to help this noob get up to SPEED on creating good a DEFENSIVE team that can do DAMAGE!

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