Published On: July 28, 2021

Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Demonspawn

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Beyond the dark portal lies a realm of fire and darkness. It is the home of ancient beings born of darkness. Forbidden from setting foot in the fair lands of Teleria, these foul entities have conspired with Necromancers to breed Demonspawn – unholy unions of Demon and mortal

Prince Kymar: What a champion! He is useful everywhere; he is key for any dungeon speed farming team with his skill cooldown reset. AOE all buff removal and sleep on his A2 is great for wave and arena content.

Tyrant Ixlimor: One of the best HP burn champions in the game, he also has ally protection and increase defence on his A3 which is brilliant, coupled with his passive, his kit has great synergy.

Countess Lix: Pairs well with Astralon and is a control freak! Decrease speed, decrease turn meter, block active skills and she has a weaken on her A1 makes her a really cool champion.

Drexthar Bloodtwin: Free champion from the Bazaar. Hard hitting A2 that has a provoke, every time he gets hit, he has a chance of placing HP burn. He is used in high stages of Hard Doom Tower.

Candraphon: One of the best Arena nukers there is! Pairs extremely well with Duchess Lilitu or any champion that places a veil. His AI is a bit off with his extra turn so make sure you fix it in the AI settings.

Sicia Flametongue: MVP champion for speed farming the late stages of Spider. Places AOE HP burn on her A3, her A2 puts weaken and Decrease Defence on them and ignites the HP Burns.

Mortu-Macaab: When you face him in Arena or Doom Tower he is a nightmare due to his special ability Peril, but when you have him it is very hard to activate it. Great champion in theory, but in practise not so much.

Lord Shazar: Fastest speed aura in the game, but he is out of the meta now. Good Bomb champion

Duchess Lilitu: She is the best Arena defence champion in the game. You get her, you build her, you will not regret it! But don’t just use her in the Arena, she is amazing everywhere.

Cruetraxa: Very strong for Fire Knight with the 4 hit A1, strong in the Arena with the revive on death passive and her hard hitting A2. However, with more champions that can remove buffs in the game she loses some value

Inithwe Bloodtwin: Block revive champion. His A1 has the decrease max HP ability on it which is great for the Scarab King’s shield

What do you think of these reviews, and do you agree with them? Comment down below, we love to hear from you!

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Will bomb meta ever come back

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