Published On: July 15, 2021
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Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Lizardmen

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Aeons ago, before the rise of Humans and Elves, Lizardmen – or Dragonkin, as they were known at the time – were an empire unto themselves.

Dracomorph: Sweet champion, one of the best. If you get Draco, you build him with enough accuracy and health and he will carry you through everything. Do not sleep on his damage, he hits HARD!

Roxam: Fun champion with unique abilities that center around veil. Very good, debuffs and buffs.

Fu-Shan: He has a big speed aura; He is all about the multiple AOE hits. His A2 has an AOE stun which is great and he hits hard! Underrated champion.

Rhazin Scarhide: Awesome champion, he is the fusible legendary that everyone can get. You should all do the fusion! He has Defence down and weaken, turn meter drop, and buff removal. Just awesome! And HE’S FREE!

Skull lord Var-Gall: He is used in a cheese comp for Faction Wars. But other than that, it is a no!

Vergumkaar: Was a fusion and he needs a buff. Can be good in Faction Wars as a good support champion. Anti-provoke champion.

Krisk the Ageless: Absolute Beast of a champion. He is used in the world record Clan Boss team. Amazing protector! He has everything!

Ramantu Drakesblood: The reward for finishing the second part of the missions tab. Looks amazing and is a hard hitter!

What do you think of these reviews, and do you agree with them? Comment down below, we love to hear from you!

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