Published On: May 5, 2021

Meet Raid’s newest Champions – May 2021


We have just received notification that Plarium will be dropping 10 new champions this month in Raid Shadow Legends. These champions are expected to be released in line with the upcoming fusion event for Ruel the Huntmaster coming on May 11th.

Announced Champions:

GeomancerGeomancer is a Force Affinity champion coming to the Dwarf faction. Geomancer is an Epic attack type champion that will bring HP Burn, Weaken and Decreased attack to your team.

Ruel the HuntmasterRuel is an interesting addition as he brings the Hex debuff that will allow people to activate the potential of Thea. In addition to this, he will also bring a Decrease Deff Debuff. Ruel is going to be the Fragment Fusion champion that will be obtainable from the 11th of May 2021.

Helior – Helior is a new Force Affinity Legendary for the Banner Lords faction. He has an interesting kit that will provide and shield and debuff transfer for your team. Helior is in essence a Paladin for all those world of warcraft fans out there!

Gorlos Hellmaw – Hellmaw is a Spirit Attack champion joining the Demonspawn faction in Raid Shadow Legends. This champion will provide a Decrease Deff, HP Burn and Decrease ACC Debuff on your enemies.

Hotatsu – Hotatsu is the latest edition to the Shadowkin Faction in Raid Shadow Legends. This champion provides a leech, AOE Decrease ATK on enemies along with Increase DEF and Continuous Heal on allies. This champion could be a great addition for the Shadowkin faction wars line up when it is released.

Chani – Chani is another addition to the Shadowkin Faction in Raid Shadow Legends coming in May 2021. She will provide poison sensitivity, buff your team and her A3 increases the duration of all debuffs by 1 turn.

Genbo the Dishonored – Genbo the dishonoured is a Void Attack Epic for the Shadowkin faction. His kit (as with many of the Shadowkin) is geared around raw damage and providing devastation to your enemies by decreasing the duration of buffs and ignoring unkillable buffs.

Burangiri – Burangiri is a Defense based Shadowkin that is Force Affinity. Burangiri is a tank-like champion that will provide provokes, strengthen and shields to your team.

Marauder – Marauder is the 2nd of 2 new Rare champions to join the Shadowkin Faction in May 2021. Marauder is HP based champion that will provide a stun, decrease atk and reflect damage.

Vagabond – Vagabond is one of 2 new Rare Champions to join the Shadowkin Faction in Raid Shadow Legends. Vagabond is a support champion that will provide Sleep & block Buffs to 1 enemy whilst providing Increased Atk to your allies.



  1. Jhingxx May 5, 2021 at 7:31 pm

    B00M! Im in!

  2. Greblhad May 14, 2021 at 8:27 am

    Just got a new hero with the name of “hero 4880 name”. Looks like they forgot to put his name on him. lol. He’s the new Dwarf attack Epic.

    • Greblhad May 14, 2021 at 8:29 am

      His skills are all messed up as well. first one says “Skill 48801 name Level 1. Skill 10000004 description”

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