Published On: February 28, 2023

New Players! Get Ronda for FREE!


Plarium has released the news today regarding a new way for New Accounts to earn themselves Ronda, despite the fact that the Ronda Chase has now officially ended, however, it is essential to note that this is ONLY for new players, which typically means accounts created within the last 72 hours.

Let’s check out the announcement and then we’ll run through how you can complete this event efficiently.

Plarium Announcement

Hey everyone!
Today, February 28th, we’re planning to launch a Guaranteed Champion event for newly created accounts.

Summon Champions using Ancient Shards while the event is active, and you are guaranteed to get Ronda by your 5th Ancient Shard

Ronda will be available from the 5th Ancient Shard only during this special event.

The event will be active for a limited time only.

How to acquire 5 Ancient Shards QUICKLY

We’ve seen this before in the last few months when the first 5 ancient shards reaped a higher chance of acquiring a legendary Champion on a new account, however, it was not as clean-cut as this, but nonetheless, it became a hot topic to find out the fastest and most efficient way of acquiring 5 ancient shards on new accounts to be able to make the most of this event.

Step 1:
Clear Campaign with your beginner Champion to 90 stars will earn you your FIRST Ancient Shard.

Step 2:
By the time you’ve acquired your Ancient Shard from Campaign, you will have unlocked Dungeons, allowing you to sweep the first round of Dungeon Challenges, these will be nice and easy and your starter Champion will waltz through them.

Step 3:
Completing these previous steps should put you over 270 Gems, which you can head over to the Gem Shop in-game to purchase another 3 Ancient Shards to complete your required 5.

Once you’ve collected your 5 Ancient Shards, head on over to the Summoning Portal and open them up, your 5th Shard will be the Legendary Champion, Ronda.

What Ronda brings to a new account

The first thing to note is that she doesn’t bring any important debuffs such as Decrease Defence or Attack so she is purely designed to defeat enemies. She does have irresistible Block Active and Block Passive Skills on her A2 for a single target becoming only the 2nd champion after Ramantu to have the ability to block Passive Skills. This may be useful in late-game stages to knock out the Mithrala Passive in Arena. Also awesome as an anti-Ultimate Deathknight mechanic in the early game arena.

Ronda’s damage is strong on all her abilities but she doesn’t join the TrundaHephraak, or Baron tier of damage dealers so may struggle for High-end arena viability but will be a good option for Mid Gold 5 and below (although there are many champions that can fill this role!).

For an early game account, she certainly hits harder than Kael and she will be able to beat up the Clan Boss with her Cardiel-like passive however she may not be the first champion you 60 as she lacks the utility you require to progress in many areas of the game.
She will be solid in most areas of the game but only really shines against fire knight due to her multi-hit abilities and Arena with her damage.

She has Godlike ratings in her damage Multipliers so put them to good use and start smashing your opponents!

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8 months ago

How long does it last?

David Smith
David Smith
7 months ago
Reply to  jpbenave

Literally like 45 minutes.

Richard Laburda
Richard Laburda
7 months ago

Just tried it, no option for Ronda, so just have been just a limited time thing.

Mark Zdeb
Mark Zdeb
4 months ago

July 17, 2023. Ronda is NO longer available to new players by collecting Ancient Shards within the first few days.