Patch 5.80 Highlights

Published On: August 2, 2022

Patch 5.80 Highlights

Update 5.80 Highlights

Hello, everyone

Update 5.80 will be released soon, and we’re here to share some early snippets in the new Update Highlights. Though 5.80 will be relatively small in the grand scale of things, there are some really neat things you can expect to see: a significant Referral Program improvement (including new rewards!), a new Forge Pass Season, Champion Rebalance, new Skins for Madame Serris, and a batch of new Champions spearheaded by the one and only Ultimate Deathknight!

Read on to find out more!

Referral Program Update

The Referral Program will see several changes in Update 5.80. First of all, players who have already referred three friends will get extra slots (this includes players who will refer 3 friends after the Update) if those friends reached Level 50, which means more awesome prizes! Secondly, we’re adjusting the rewards: you’ll receive fragments of a unique Epic Champion (instead of 200 Energy) for each friend in the first three slots reaching Level 10. Finally, you will receive enough Fragments to summon a unique Legendary Champion if all your referred friends from slots 4-6 have reached Level 40. And you’ll get a Legendary Champion Skin when those friends reach Level 50.

Furthermore, we are adding new premium Referral Rewards, which you’ll get for your friends’ activity in Raid. You will get points whenever your referred friends level up past Level 50, and they’ll be able to share bonuses with their referee – if they so wish! – when they make a purchase in the game on top of that. These Rewards will include a unique Epic Champion Skin, a unique Avatar, and a bunch of other useful Items.

We’ll update our game guide to reflect these changes, so feel free to check it out after 5.80 goes live if you are curious about particular details.

Skins: Madame Serris

Everyone loves a beguiling witch, especially one as powerful as Madame Serris. Everyone also agrees that she looks stunning already, but who’s to say a sorceress of her caliber should settle for just one style? With the upcoming Bloodveil and Hellbirth Skins – of Iconic and a Heroic Rarities, respectively – she’ll have an outfit for any occasion. We’ll add these awesome Skins as a reward to a number of in-game activities!

Forge Pass Season 3

A new Forge Pass will go live and bring a brand-new Artifact set to the game. Your protection-focused Champions are going to love this one, because it combines the benefits of the beloved old Shield Set and Regeneration – meaning that it will not cease being useful even after the initial Shield buff is no longer active.

Bolster Set

4 Set: Protected 30% HP Ally Shield for 3 Turns. Heals wearer by 10% every turn

Champion Rebalance

New Champions

Justice for Deathknight is finally served! A Legend shall rise, more powerful than any other, and all shall tremble in awe at his skeletal glory – if you believe what DK himself says, at least. But don’t take out word for it, you can read Deathknight’s own thoughts on his Twitter. Make haste and join Raid’s newest influencer:

On top of that, another special Legendary Champion will join the fight – Sniktraak, arguably the prickliest Skinwalker warrior in Raid. This mighty porcupine traces his lineage back to the finale of the #RaidCommunityChampionContest, the very same contest that saw the birth of Kalvalax. While the Hedgehog Knight did not take the grand prize that day, he still remained one of the Top 3 entries, and the idea managed to capture the hearts of our Art Team.

Armed with that inspiration, they have created Sniktraak, and though he is considerably more vicious and darker to fit the overall theme of Raid: Shadow Legends, we hope you guys enjoy this great Champion.

Tobias Grau (deadeye_333) – the artist who came up with the original concept – will receive the very first Sniktraak as a token of our appreciation for giving a creative boost to our artists. Congratulations and keep that creativity flowing!


  1. Casmar August 2, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    I got a new one that isn’t listed
    Kinagashi, Shadowkin Support, Epic
    A1) Leaping Sword Art Dmg based on atk
    A2) United Front
    A3)Recall from death

    • Phixion August 2, 2022 at 6:39 pm

      Kinagashi was from the Helicath fusion in June

    • Casmar August 2, 2022 at 6:40 pm

      oop’s, from June

  2. lostman82 August 3, 2022 at 11:28 am

    New Referralas are still not updated in game. Still only old system, is avalaible

  3. lostman82 August 3, 2022 at 11:30 am

    ok, found info iot shoudl be active after cvc will end…

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