Doom Tower Secret Room
Published On: August 25, 2023
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This secret room requires you to use Epic Attack Champions only. Lets break down how to approach this challenge!


Enemy Waves


Below are the waves you will face in the secret room including the stats – generally secret room enemies are much slower than other aspects of Doom Tower. You should pay special attention to the following problematic champions:

  1. Whisper – Whisper has the potential to deal huge damage, especially if she is able to use her A2 ability on a target with Weaken on them, since she will ignore defence, and has the potential of gaining extra turns also.
  2. Fahrakin the Fat – Whilst he’s less of a solo issue, the damage output he brings from Ally attack can easily pick off one of your team, and considering there is two of them on wave 2, you have the potential to lose 2 of your team if they’re able to get their ally attack abilities off.
  3. Baerdal Felhammer – Baerdal has some potential to be annoying with his passive Counter Attack buff that he gains at the start of the fight, whilst he’s not a huge threat, it’s more of an annoyance.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


How to beat the secret room!


Below is the recommend team that is best fit to beat this room. We also detail alternatives for each champion if you do not have them. It is worth noting alternatives are fine replacements but will be less efficient i.e. potentially make the run slower or require you to run a few times to get good RNG.

With this being ATK based Epics only, undoubtedly the enemies that you’re facing arent going to be the most durable, however, the same goes for your team, enemies should be fairly quick and easy to kill – utilizing a strong mix of control and damage into your team will be key to getting through this stage.

The enemies we’ve listed above are the ones to watch, and taking them out quickly will be fairly doable, failing that, using an AOE control such as Stuns/Block Active Skills will completely nullify their effects.

There are so many viable options for this stage – use the most out of what you’ve got, and this should be a fairly easy stage to blast through!

MVP’s for this Strategy

Skullcrown – Whilst being an incredibly strong damage dealer, Skullcrown is also very valuable in a Stun Set to keep enemies controlled, whilst also providing the Weaken debuff for your team. Skullcrown only has AOE skills, so especially when paired with Fahrakin the Fat, you’ve got an ultimate damage dealer on your hands!

Fahrakin the Fat – Fahrakin brings a strong damage potential through his Ally Attack, but also brings very valuable debuffs on his other skills for you, whilst also mitigating incoming damage by spreading it between allies.

Ruella – When it comes to Support from ATK Based Champions, the options are rather limited, especially when it comes to epics, but Ruella does it all, with her buffs and Turn Meter Control, whilst also dealing relatively strong damage!

Zargala – There are very few options for AOE Decrease DEF from Epic ATK Champions, but Zargala brings that whilst also having huge damage potential, well worth a spot in this team!

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:

Damage Dealers:

Hordin, Lady Quilen, Sir Artimtage, Royal Guard, Tallia, Juliana, Aothar, Relickeeper, Fenax, Inquisitor Shamael, Fahrakin the Fat, Siegehulk, Skraank, FayneAkemtum, Zargala, Dark Elhain, Dark Kael, Dirandil, Lua, Skullcrown, Thylessia, Phranox, Whisper, Gala Longbraids, Genbo the Dishonored, Mistrider Daithi


Lordly Legionary, Masked Fearmonger, Rowan, Luthiea, Jinglehunter, Ethlen the Golden, Armina, Alika, Shatterbones, Lorn the Cutter, Basilisk(Stun Set), Basher, Yelagirna, Tuhak the Wanderer, Alure, Skimfos the Consumed, Luria, Geomancer, Ruella 

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