Published On: July 23, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 10 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 10, as Arbiter’s Champions take on their final challenge, and try to stop Bad-el-Kazar!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 10 Recap

We start with the Arbiter again, “It must now, go to him. Battle as one, that I might fight alongside you”. All of our heroes are projected onto the screen.

The scene starts with the Doom Tower, the sky is red and there is lightning all around, we pan down to the base of the tower and see Minotaur, fighting Galek, Alure and Athel, the minotaur is joined by the ice golem, Klyssus who is fighting Kael and Elhain, behind them, in the sky we see Hellrazor the dragon, with Jizoh and Gnut on his back, Hellrazor twists, throwing Jizoh and Gnut to the floor, Jizoh takes the brunt of the landing, angling his body to protect Gnut from the fall, they land with the rest of the a team, inside of a protection bubble cast by Kael and Elhain, minotaur and Klyssus are hitting the shield hard, trying to get in.

Alure notices that the rift is growing, and they decide to make a run for the tower together, as they have to stop Bad-el-Kazar in time, just before the shield breaks, Hellrazor joins Minotaur and Klyssus against our heroes, they each leave the shield one by one, fighting the entire way, the entire attack run by Athel. Between them, they defeat the minotaur, Klyssus and Hellrazor, Alure delivering the fatal blow to the minotaur, Jizoh killing Klyssus and Gnut defeating Hellrazor with his weapon once again empowered by Elhain, Alure has been instrumental throughout this entire attack, as she has used her chains to hold down both Klyssus and Hellrazor allowing them to be finished off.

We see Bad-el-Kazar, looking in some form of a crystal ball, watching the entire fight happen, from his position at the top of the tower, he notices that the Arbiter has formed a group to stop him, but does not seem concerned, he remarks that they are too late whilst unsheathing the Arbiters sword.

We see our heroes venturing through the Doom Tower, they’re in a long narrow cavern, with purple crystals on either side Gnut makes a remark about how it wasn’t too bad, Alure warns him that there is more to come, and they notice all of the creatures imprisoned in this cavern, and how the enchantment keeping them in their cells is nearly gone.

We cut back to Bad-el-Kazar, chanting on the roof, holding the Arbiters sword, he places it into a slot in the floor, which causes a large red beam to reach into the sky, and some of the cells to open.

Our heroes are surrounded by shadow versions of themselves, summoned by Astranyx the Dark Fae, they fight their dark selves, Astranyx and Borgoth the Scarab King whilst Alure remarks that Bad-el-Kazar has done this to slow them down, the heroes defeat Borgoth and Astranyx, and escape to a platform cutting the chains to raise it all the way to the top.

Our heroes reach the roof, with Bad-el-Kazar waiting for them,  he easily knocks them down and remarks how Arbiter has fallen if this is the best she can do, Alure calls out to Kazar from behind him, calling him father, and he seems shocked to see her, expecting the curse to have killed her, and is offended that she would join the Arbiters side, behind him, the heroes have worked together, to counter-attack, this also fails, Bad-el-Kazar tells them that he will unleash a power the world has never seen and laughs at the notion that they could stop him, he notices his incantation failing and turns to see the Arbiters sword gone, stolen by Alure, together the heroes are summoning the Arbiter to change the tide and help them defeat Kazar.

The Arbiter arrives and we see our heroes lunging towards Kazar, and Arbiter looking determined and ready to fight, the screen goes back before landing on a still scene of the end of a great battle, we see text that reads:

In time, these champions will fight again. Their fate will rest with one not yet found by the Arbiter. When that time comes…. Will you answer the call?


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