Call of the Arbiter Episode 7
Published On: July 2, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 7 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 7, we meet Gnut for the first time!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 7 Recap

This episode starts with Arbiter again, this time saying, ‘You shall meet another, brash and bold, Gnut will you answer the call?’ she once again projects a picture of Gnut onto the portal.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

The scene sets with a large gathering of Dwarves, a spit roast of a giant bird and medieval folk music, Gnut, Mountain King and a young boy are sitting at a table at the head of the feast, everyone is drinking and there is a general merry feeling to the scene.

The Mountain King toasts to the ‘fearless Gnut’ to which Gnut returns ‘to tomorrows venture’, raising a tankard to toast, the crowd cheers enthusiastically whilst Maulie brings Gnut a refill, she seductively sashays away, whilst Gnut sighs longingly watching her walk away from him.

Another dwarf grabs Gnut leading him to the fire to dance, a small gathering of Dwarves join in before one falls headfirst into the fire, the dwarves pull him up and Maulie dunks two tankards of beer on his head, saving the day all the dwarves laugh and the merriment continues.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

It is now the next day, and Gnut and his band of merry men are getting ready to leave on their venture, they stop to speak to Mountain King, Gnut’s father, before leaving, he gives him a pep talk and Gnut turns to his little brother Samar, he informs him that with him gone he is the heir and tells him to help their dad keep order. Gnut and the 9 Dwarves head off on their adventure, crossing multiple terrains and spanning some distance, in my brain singing high-ho all the way.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

They eventually reach a large cavern, with walls lined with large crystals, Gnut breaks one off and they hear a roar from the end of the cavern, and see an intensifying glow of fire, they charge on this thing ‘for the Mountain King’ and the scene goes black.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

All we see is the destruction caused, all the dwarves have been killed and most have sustained pretty severe burns in the process, Kael and Elhain arrive in the cavern and seem concerned by what has happened, Gnut emerges from the rubble, half of his face now burned and traumatised, Elhain comforts him but Gnut confronts them and asks why elves have any business in the ruins of his ancestors. Elhain explains they’re searching for Arbiter’s shield which Gnut has seen in the hands of the demon who killed his men, Elhain comforts Gnut and tells him they will cover his escape whilst giving him rather the eyeful, Kael and Elhain head into the chamber, where they are greeted by the Fire Knight.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

Elhain and Kael fight the Fire Knight, and end up taking quite a beating, Kael saves Elhain from a fatal blow, just as it seems they will be defeated, in comes Gnut ready to avenge his men, with the help of Elhain empowering his weapon, Gnut slays the Fire Knight, enabling Elhain to claim Arbiter’s shield.

Call of the Arbiter EP7

Gnut asks them why they need this shield and informs them they can tell him on the way, inviting himself onto their all star super team, as they leave, Kael expressed that he hates dwarves.

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