Call of the Arbiter Episode 8
Published On: July 7, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 8 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 8,  Alure enters the fray!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 8 Recap

This episode once again starts with the Arbiter this time saying “None are beyond redemption not even her, Alure will you answer the call” with a picture of Alure on the screen.

We start with a young Alure playing in a demonic cavern, her mother (Nazana) comes in to inform her that it is time to go to bed, when a horde of humans invade, killing Alure’s mother, the ground that Alure and her mother are on crumbles and her mother is thrown into the lava below, whilst Alure is barely managing to hang on and grieving the very sudden and brutal loss of her mother, the edge crumbles further and Alure falls, she is saved at the last second by Bad-El-Kazar. We see the battle continue, the humans winning, on the other side of the chasm, Bad-El-Kazar promises to make Alure strong, she takes his hand and he knocks back all who surround them before leaving with her.

We cut to Gnut flying through the air, Gnut, Kael and Elhain are fighting the Demon Lord, aka Clan Boss, Elhain tells them to wait for her mark, but Gnut rushes forward for ‘his father’s house’. Elhain takes quite a hit, knocking her back to another level of the cavern, Kael instructs her to go for the artifact as that is all that matters whilst he and Gnut continue fighting. Elhain follows Kael’s instructions and leaves through an opening, Elhain ends up being cut off from them by falling debris.

Elhain ends up in another part of the chamber, where Arbiter’s sword is being kept, as she goes to claim it, in walks Alure, now all grown up. Alure and Elhain fight Elhain once again taking quite a beating and barely hanging on to the side of the chasm for dear life, just like Alure in the beginning. Alure takes Arbiter’s sword, Elhain warns Alure that the sword is cursed. Kael and Gnut arrive in the cavern, they save Elhain and themselves and in the scramble, Alure manages to escape with the Arbiter’s sword. Elhain realises that Alure is in service of Bad-El-Kazar and that he will be the one in possession of the artifact.

Alure brings the Arbiters sword to Bad-El-Kazar, he praises her, and tells her that the honour of wielding the Arbiters sword is all hers, when Alure unsheathes it, symbols flash on the hilt of the sword. Alure falls to the ground screaming in pain, she asks Bad-El-Kazar if he knew of the curse, and he explains he did, ‘the one who broke the blades seal would be assailed by the Arbiters magic’, he tells her that epics will be composed in her name, and leaves her writhing in agony on the floor, walking off with the sword as she screams, the screen goes black.

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