Ogryn faction Summon Pool Event
Published On: June 10, 2024
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Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Event

Plarium has launched an Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Event from June 10th to June 14th, which contains the Ogryn Unity Champion Vizug the Noxious!

You’ll need Prism Crystals to participate in this event. Prism Crystals can be earned through the following in-game events that are running during the Ogryn Faction Summon Pool:

  • Sand Devil Turn Attack: Earn 30 x Prism Crystals at 3,500 points
  • Dungeon Divers Event: Earn 25 x Prism Crystals at 3,500 points

If you need a hand smashing the Sand Devil as fast as possible, check out our complete guide here:

Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Legendary Champions


korugar death bell portrait



Blizaar the Howler Portrait

Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Epic Champions


Urogrim in the Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Event


skraank portrait





Is the Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Event Worth It?

This Ogryn Faction Summon Pool Event could be of interest for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s running at the same time as the Dungeon Divers Event kicking off on June 11th. This will offer both Event Points for the Fusion and Prism Shards for the Summon Pool – a good opportunity for anyone trying to collect as many Slixus Stripehides as possible to Fuse The Incarnate.

Secondly, this is a great chance to get the Ogryn Unity Champion Vizug the Noxious. Make sure to check out our Vizug the Noxious Champion Guide if you’re weighing up whether to grind Prism Shards for him.

There are some notable Epic Champions in the mix too. Skraank has a useful [HP Burn] kit, along with the ability to increase his ATK, making him a great damage dealer for Hydra or Spider teams. Urogrim is a great choice for Dragon and a solid solo Champion for almost all content areas thanks to his array of [Poison] debuffs and plenty of self-healing.

Siegehulk, meanwhile, is a monster when it comes to clearing waves of enemies thanks to his powerful A2 that buffs him with [Increase ATK] before hitting all enemies. He’s a good pick for Sintranos and Ice Golem in particular, and often appears in our record-setting Faction Teams.

Last but not least, Uugo is definitely one to go for. She has the best [Block Buffs] kit of any Epic Champion, and is up there in the top ten for Hydra teams.

Summon Rush Synergy?

It’s worth noting that Prism Shard Summons will not count towards the Summon Rush Event on June 11th. Instead, only Sacred, Void, Primal, Ancient, and Mystery Shards count during the Summon Rush.

However, on Friday, June 14th, we expect to see a Champion Chase for The Incarnate Fusion, which will require you to summon Champions to earn Chase Points. The higher the rarity of the Champion summoned, the more Chase Points you’ll earn.

Therefore, with that in mind (assuming you earn the 25 Prism Shards from both events), saving your Prism Shards until Friday means you can earn a minimum of 500 Chase Points while also participating in this Summon Pool Event.

Are you taking part in this event? Which Champions are you going for? Let us know in the comments!

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