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Published On: July 17, 2023
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Prism Shards – Raid Shadow Legends


Prism Shards have officially gone live in Raid Shadow Legends, and we have our first Limited Summon Pool, and a free gift! Let’s check it out!

This is a brand new system, so we’re going to break down what it involves and what we currently know, and what the chances are like for getting what you’re looking for!

Plarium Announcement:

For a limited time, from 09:00 UTC, Monday, July 17, until 09:00 UTC, Monday, July 24, we’re launching the first-ever Summon Pool Event! This first Event will be dedicated to Nyresan Union Champions!

During this Event, you can summon from a unique pool of Champions. Each Event will have its own unique pool that you can summon from. Champions of the same Rarity have an equal chance of being summoned.

Prism Crystals are required to summon Champions from the Prism Shard. When a Summon Pool Event ends, any remaining Prism Crystals will be used automatically and summoned Champions will be sent to your Inbox. If you do not have enough Prism Crystals to summon a Champion at the end of an Event, you will be able to use these remaining Prism Crystals in future Summon Pool Events.

The rewarding period will last for a day, from 09:00 UTC, Monday, July 24, until 09:00 UTC, Tuesday, July 25, during which you won’t be able to access Crystal Offers, but you will be able to get Prism Crystals from other sources (like the Shop or other Events etc.) and summon Champions.

Also, to celebrate the start of this first-ever Summon Pool Event, we’re giving everyone who is Level 30 or above a special Summon Pool Gift. It will be available for a week and contain as many as 30 Prism Crystals.

And that’s it! Happy raiding!

Free Gift:

Limited Champions:

This particular Summon Pool features champions from the Nyresan Union Factions, which includes Dwarves, Shadowkin, and Sylvan Watchers – which fits nicely with the Drop Fever Events that are currently running through the week, giving you additional chances to pick up accessories from these Factions.

There are a select group of Champions from these combined Factions involved that you’ll get a chance of grabbing during the first-ever Summon Pool.




Prism Shard Chances:

The chances of summoning champions from Prism Shards are as follows:

  • Legendary – 3%
  • Epic – 37%
  • Rare – 60%

However, with this being a reduced Champion Pool, the chances of getting what you’re looking for are much higher than standard shards:

Legendary Champions Patch 7.30 Summon Pool
Total Champion Pool 155 9
Getting 1 Champion 0.6% 11.11%
Getting 1 Champ on 10x 6.1% 11.11%
Getting 1 Champ on 15x 8.9% 11.11%
Getting 1 Champ on 20x 11.5% 11.11%
Epic Champions Patch 7.30 Summon Pool
Total Champion Pool 210 15
Getting 1 Champion 0.48% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 10x 4.57% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 15x 6.82% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 20x 8.73% 6.67%
Legendary Champions Patch 7.30 Summon Pool
Total Champion Pool 157 15
Getting 1 Champion 0.6% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 10x 6% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 15x 9% 6.67%
Getting 1 Champ on 20x 11.4% 6.67%

Where to get Prism Shards?

Outside of the Free Gift that Plarium gave us, collecting Prism Shards will be from Events, and Shop Offers by the looks of things.

There are currently 20 available in the Milestone Rewards in the active Spider Turn Attack Tournament, as well as a further 20 for players who finish in the top 3 of their brackets.

We expect there will be future Events and Tournaments that will feature even more!

Of course, you can buy them, although no offers have CURRENTLY popped up, other than the permanent deals available in the shop:

What are your thoughts on Prism Shards? Let us know in the comments!

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11 months ago

I didn’t receive any free shards. It still says zero on my crystal shards. Where do I get them?

11 months ago

You get them in the shop if you are level 30 or higher. You may need to restart your game!

Dion Mcmanus
Dion Mcmanus
11 months ago

Me too, what do I do if I can’t get them? I’m level 51

11 months ago

These events feel about the same overall as their normal summoning events. It seems like they tried to appease the player base that’s been complaining about the how X10 events aren’t worth it anymore, but then they turn around and completely eliminate a player’s ability to save for these events. I’d be surprised if a FTP player is able to get more than four summons out of these events. Overall cool idea, but unless they offer enough prism crystals over the course of the week to get at least 6-7 summons it’s not really any better than current events.

11 months ago

I got Jarl which I thought was cool but when my gf got Jarl too … mine doesn’t feel shiny anymore.

10 months ago

Probably biased because i pulled my 1st brogni off them but to me they feel slightly better than an ancient shard but worst than a sacred , as long as they put it as an added milestone on events im fine with it .