Published On: December 30, 2022
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Ronda Champion Spotlight!

Ronda is still available to claim until the end of February 2023 so make sure you do! Ronda fought her way into Raid Shadow Legends and is a great champion to have in your roster! She brings a lot in her kit and she can pack a punch to throw your opponents off guard.


A Legend of many arenas, Ronda enters the Telerian Arenas vying to destroy all her opponents. Ronda is based on Ronda Rousey, Bronze medallist, MMA Fighter and now WWE Wrestler, and is available as a login reward champion ONLY (meaning she cannot be summoned after the event expires! Read more about the daily login event and how you can acquire Ronda here.

As a login reward, Ronda will be a champion any player receives whether you’re early mid, or late game so we are evaluating her potential with all these in mind. The first thing to note is that she doesn’t bring any important debuffs such as Decrease Defence or Attack so she is purely designed to defeat enemies. She does have irresistible Block Active and Block Passive Skills on her A2 for a single target becoming only the 2nd champion after Ramantu to have the ability to block Passive Skills. This may be useful in late-game stages to knock out the Mithrala Passive in Arena. Also awesome as an anti-Ultimate Deathknight mechanic in the early game arena.

Ronda’s damage is strong on all her abilities but she doesn’t join the TrundaHephraak, or Baron tier of damage dealers so may struggle for High-end arena viability but will be a good option for Mid Gold 5 and below (although there are many champions that can fill this role!).

For an early game account, she certainly hits harder than Kael and she will be able to beat up the Clan Boss with her Cardiel-like passive however she may not be the first champion you 60 as she lacks the utility you require to progress in many areas of the game.
She will be solid in most areas of the game but only really shines against fire knight due to her multi-hit abilities and Arena with her damage.

She has Godlike ratings in her damage Multipliers so put them to good use and start smashing your opponents!

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