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Published On: January 8, 2021

The Best Attack Down Heroes for Clan Boss: Part Two 


As previously mentioned in part 1 of our attack down series, attack down is incredibly vital for your clan boss team to help you maximize your damage and survive longer.

In this article we will be continuing, going into depth about the options for A2 / A3 attack downs that can cover both AOE 1 and AOE 2 as well as mentioning a few great champions for backing up the uptime who also bring fantastic utility to your team.

The reason these champions can work is that you only need attack down for both of the AOE hits when fighting the clan boss, as his stun does not scale from its damage from his attack, so it won’t affect the hit your stun target takes.



Dagger – Dagger provides 50% decrease attack but it is conditional, on her A3 – It is the weak version of the debuff unless a decrease defence debuff is present on the clan boss already, which she also brings, although not 100% to land, so to fully utilize her as your attack down you would need to have a consistent defence down debuff on the boss at all times, however, her base stats are VERY low and she is not very well suited to higher levels of clan boss, but for an early game account with little options, she would be a great help due to also being void affinity, she will not have weak hits.



Aox the Rememberer – Aox is a very new epic from the lizardmen faction, who definitely need some love – but Aox was a great addition, he brings attack down on his A3, as a 3 turn cooldown when booked lasting 2 turns, but he also brings a 3 turn heal on his A2 and 5% poisons on his A1, while he is not enough to be your solo poisoner, he will be a great supportive poisoner to help keep your debuff bar stacked.

Fayne – Fayne is an incredibly strong clan boss champion, however she shines in unkillable teams due to her incredibly low base defence, however in earlier levels on clan boss OR if you can get her defence high enough to survive – she provides poisons and attack down on her A2 with very good uptime, while also bringing defence down and weaken on her A3, she is very widely used and was free to play friendly to achieve due to being involved in the vergumkaar fusion – she is considered as a great substitute for Dracomorph in unkillable clan boss teams for people who do not have Draco.

Kaiden – Just like Fayne, Kaiden was available from the Vergumkaar fusion, which means a lot of people will have him. He brings a 50% decrease attack on a 3 turn cooldown when booked, at 100% chance, aside from this, his utility in clan boss is limited, however, he does have a 2 target revive which can help you squeeze a tiny bit of extra damage in before your run ends.

Lightsworn – Lightsworn is a void epic who brings 50% decrease attack on a 3 turn cooldown on his A2 once booked, as well as this he provides a 4 turn cooldown increase defence and revive on death buff that can help to extend your run by several turns if timed well.



Narma the Returned – Narma is a fairly recently added legendary from the Knights Revenant Faction, she is incredibly good for the clan boss due to the number of things her kit brings, her A1 has a 60% chance of increasing the duration of 3 debuffs which is incredibly good for making sure your debuff uptimes are high, on her A2 – on a 3 turn cooldown when booked she brings a 50% attack down, which can have 100% uptime but this ability also heals the whole team based on how many poison debuffs the boss in under, which is a nice addition, but not enough to sustain your team. On her A3 she places 3 poisons and a poison sensitivity for 3 turns, on a 4 turn cooldown.



Krisk the Ageless – Krisk is a complete gamechanger, in every aspect of the game, he is considered one of the best heroes in Raid Shadow Legends. He is used in some very endgame clan boss teams, in fact, features in the best-recorded clan boss team! He is very widely sought after but being a void legendary makes him very hard to get! He has a team Ally Protection buff on a 3 turn Cooldown and also buffs his whole team with 30% speed, but the thing that makes him fall into this category is whenever he is hit, he places 60% Decrease Defense and 50% Decrease Attack on the attacker.



Grizzled Jarl – Jarl is fantastic for certain clan boss teams, however, he is usually built without accuracy, and just used for his 3 turn block debuff and increase defence ability, especially when facing affinity clan boss teams, mainly spirit to keep the team in tune. But he can also provide attack down with a 50% uptime with his A3, he isn’t considered a viable champion to sustain this due to its long cooldown, but can help with other aspects of your clan boss, while also bringing a backup debuff.

Ghrush the Mangler – Ghrush is considered one of the best free epics we get in Raid Shadow Legends, at 240 days from login rewards, he is absolutely great for clan boss due to his Leech A1 allowing you to swap out of Life-steal and focus more on other stats in your clan boss team, he also provides lots of continuous healing with his A3 ability, and his A2 ability has a chance to provide attack down, you would never run him as your attack down in clan boss because of the randomness of his debuff, but it can help fill in the gaps if yours manages to fall off!

Rearguard Sergeant – Rearguard can be used quite extensively in clan boss, she brings a 60% decrease Defense on her A1 which will allow for high uptime and also has a 75% chance of placing attack down on her A2 on a 3 turn cooldown, unfortunately, due to this only being a 75% chance to land once booked makes her unviable as the main attack down champion, but she also brings a 3 turn Ally Protection buff with Continuous heals. She really is a great champion for helping you survive longer in clan boss, but also shines in other areas of the game, such as Faction wars stage 21!



  1. Silas1992 January 8, 2021 at 10:14 pm

    I guess there gonna be a part 3?

    • Phixion January 8, 2021 at 10:15 pm

      lots more coming over the next few days

  2. Malicious January 10, 2021 at 3:53 am

    Lord Champfort? AoE with ACC down 2 rounds 3 round cooldown

  3. Holypanzer January 10, 2021 at 7:01 am

    What about Stag Knight. att down and Dec def.

  4. roy537 January 11, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Martyr is also great backup

  5. Knew-Buckler January 14, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Dagger provides 50% decrease attack but it is conditional, on her A3 – It is the weak version of the debuff unless a 50% decrease defence debuff

    50% decrease defence debuff??? That does not exist :D little mistake here

  6. Davidlael February 18, 2021 at 8:40 pm

    No love for oathbound?

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