Published On: June 15, 2021
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Top Tier Epics that don’t require books!

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These champions don’t need to be fully booked to be effective in the game! Some champions only need one skill to be booked so once you have it don’t go wasting books on champions that won’t need them!


1. Vrask – He doesn’t need books, his a2 can be turned off therefore you don’t need to book it. Booking his a1 is a luxury, it is not essential.

2. Alure – She is the best champion for Fire Knight 21-25 and her kit doesn’t need books to improve it! She is a turn meter control beast and booking her won’t improve her chances of dropping turn meter.

3. Occult Brawler – This Ogryn tribe is one of the best for getting poisons out on the Clan Boss! His a2 can be turned off so you won’t need any for that and his a1 is a 4 book to increase the chance of placing a poison by 10% therefore it isn’t necessary.

4. Gorgorab – Some of you may argue that he needs books but if you think about it his main use is in the Arena. In the Arena, if you’re using these abilities more than once then you need to have a look at your nuker and rebuild them in order to “one shot” people!

5. Doompriest – The main thing about her kit is her passive which doesn’t require books therefore don’t book her!

6. Skytouched Shaman – She is mainly used as a g0-second Arena champion. She barely needs books because she won’t get back around to her abilities.

7. Basher – Again, this is a go second Arena champion. Basher can lock out the team to make them a1. With this in mind you should win the arena battle before you cycle back around to this ability. Therefore you don’t need to book out Basher.

8. Madame Serris – She is a top 3 epic! She doesn’t require books to land her DEC DEF as she has 100% chance to land it. She also doesn’t want a lengthy battle so booking her won’t make much sense.

9. Battlesage – Similar to the rest of the Arena champions, she doesn’t need to be booked because you don’t want a long lasting battle.

10. Cardinal – She’s great in Arena because you can make her super quick and tanky then pick up your allies and nuke them. You only need her for one ability so you don’t need her for books.

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