2x Primal Shards
Published On: December 13, 2023
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2x Primal Shards & Progressive Chance Event!


Plarium has announced another 2x Primal Shards Event alongside a new Progressive Chance Event for a select amount of Champions!

Lots of the Champions involved will be VERY helpful for some of the more difficult stages of the Cursed City of Sintranos, so keep an eye out!

These events will also sync up with the first summoning event of the 2023 Christmas Fusion, Blizaar the Howler.

Lets check out Plarium’s announcement…

Plarium Announcement


This Friday, December 15th, we’re planning to launch a few events simultaneously:

  • We’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Primal Shards
  • Also, we’re planning to launch a Progressive Chance Event, giving you at least x15 chance to summon the Champions of your choice from the selected pool from Ancient, Primal, Sacred, and Void Shards

1 Slot Legendary Champions

1 Slot Legendary Champions

1 Slot Epic Champions

1 Slot Epic Champions

Both events will be active for 72 hours.

Should you pull Shards?

As always, whether you pull shards or not is a decision you need to make yourself, however, we can advise you with the following points:

  • Fusions are a perfect opportunity to open your shards, as not only are you going to potentially gain Champions who could change your account, but you are also working towards picking up a brand new Legendary.
  • Progressive Chance Events are a great chance to pick up specific Champions that can take your account to the next level and help you progress through areas that you are currently unable to beat.

Will you be going for the 2x Primal Shards and Progressive Event? Let us know in the comments!

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