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Champions needed to beat the Spider dungeon in Raid: Shadow Legends!


The Spider’s Den has a very unique boss. You need to select champions with certain abilities such as hp burns and turn meter control to beat the spider. This article will give you the best chance of completing the spider to get those mission rewards.


Stages 1-14:

These stages depending on how developed your account is should be pretty straight forward and not require as much tactical genius to beat. You just need to build your champions right and have the right debuffs to take down the Spider. Nuke the spiderlings as quickly as possible so they can’t land their poisons and take your team out. Debuffs like decrease defense are always helpful when beating anything so use the decrease defense in this dungeon to get more damage out of your nuke.

When fighting the spider at any level turn meter control is important because you don’t want the spider eating the spiderlings and gaining its health back. Therefore turn meter is good at denying this.

SPEED – have you got enough speed to win the speed race vs the spider. This could be a reason that you can’t beat the earlier stages so make sure you aren’t lagging behind and get your speed built up. Nearly every champion should have speed boosts on and you should prioritize maxing these to level 16!

A general build for your nuke champion would be Crit rate gloves, HP chest, and Speed boots. This would give you the best chance at beating the spider because crit rate gives more damage when you get the RNG on your side. HP chest is good for tanking some of the damage that the spider and spiderlings will output. Speed boots always as speed is king.

You need a speed booster ideally in with a speed aura, 3 or 4 aoe nukes if you choose 3 then add a support champion which can heal, revive and boost turn meter or speed.


Time to see if you have some of the champs that HH recommends:

Shieldguard – He is an uncommon so pretty easy to get in mystery shards. His kit consists of decrease speed, Turn meter fill and he can remove debuffs. He is a good support champ to use if you lack some of the other champions. He is a strong choice for an uncommon!

Kael, Elhain, Athel, Galek – These starter champs all work well as aoe nukes because they all do an aoe ability and can deal big damage and one of them are free.

Bellower – He as a lot of aoe in his kit with a lot of debuffs as well. He has decrease speed, aoe decrease defence and aoe decrease attack. These debuffs are very useful when it comes to earlier spider levels because you need the spiders and spiderlings defence lowered to wipe out the waves.

Banshee – She has an aoe decrease defence which is great for controlling the spiderlings. You can nuke the spiderlings with good aoe abilities once you land Banshee’s aoe decrease defence.

Sinesha – She is a very good support champion to withstand the spider’s attacks because Sinesha has an aoe heal plus a single target heal which can come in clutch to heal your nukes so they can do more damage and finish off the boss.

Skullcrown – She has huge aoe damage in all her abilities plus she has a weaken which will aid your team in taking down the spider. Her aoe damage is some of the best in the game plus she has an unkillable to make use of as this could be very helpful to deal that last tick of damage to complete the level.

Miscreated Monster – MM has an amazing kit for the spider, He uses his aoe ability to gain a shield and the more targets he attacks grants him and his allies a bigger shield. He also has an ally protect in case someone else tanks the spiderlings poison. If that is the case then MM will tank some of the damage with your ally.

Big‘Un – He has multiple aoe abilities which do huge damage and can easily wipe spiderlings. He also has very good control over the spiderlings using his aoe stun ability which will stop them attacking your team for a turn so you can get the damage out and nuke that spider.

Ithos – He is great for being a nuke as with the correct build he can unleash hell upon the spider and spiderlings. His a3 attacks all enemies and it is always a crit so make sure you build up your crit damage when using him.

Psylar – She has an aoe decrease accuracy and she reduces turn meter. The fact she can reduce accuracy means spiderlings will find it hard to land the poisons so your team can survive longer and do enough damage to finish the stage off before the accuracy is restored. Turn meter control is massive in the spider so if you can understand it early then later levels will be a breeze.


Stage 15+

To beat the harder levels of the dungeon pure nukes won’t work unless you tune your team. Therefore you are going to need a new strategy!
MAX enemy HP champions such as Armiger or Coldheart will do big work in this late-game dungeon because they will deal large amounts of damage.
Decrease defense is almost a must as this debuff will reduce 60% of someone’s defense and in turn, you’ll do more damage so try it and thank us later.

AOE HP burn is an effective method to take down the Spider, as every time the spiderlings move and attack they will burn to cause the spider to take burn damage and when there are max spiderlings all with HP burn, the Spider will be burning alive very quickly.

Turn meter control is essential now not like the earlier stages. Now you need to stop the Queen Spider from using her heal ability. Shields and ally protects will be helpful so your squishy nuke champions don’t get one shot and the spider can eat away at the shield, not your allies HP bar.

The best set up you can use is:
1 speed booster
1 / 2 support champs
1 damage dealer
1 /2 turn meter manipulator

Speed is still key so make sure you’re going fast to beat the spider’s speed. I would recommend a minimum of 170 speed and accuracy at 10 times the level you are facing.


Speed and debuff champs to defiantly use if you have them:

Apothecary – This rare is a special one especially if you can pull him early into the game. He is used throughout the game from early to late. He is a healer with the ability to boost speed and turn meter which makes him most desirable and not many champions beat his ability to boost his team.

High Khatun – She is a free to play speed booster as you get her in the login rewards. She boosts speed and turn meter. This matches apothecary’s abilities however High Khatun has a reduce turn meter so she can stop the spiders from attacking as quick.

Diabolist – She is a rare who is farmable so she is available for all players and any duplicates your farm can be used for books. Her kit consists of reducing turn meter, increase speed and turn meter. She is similar to High Khatun but you could get her earlier in the game and with fewer base stats.

Gorgorab – He has a Turn meter control for his allies so they can use their abilities quicker and do their important abilities to control the spider. He also has a resurrect which can come in clutch to pick up one of your fallen allies. He does have an increase attack but that wouldn’t be as much use as the resurrect or turn meter buffs.

Warmaiden – She is a farmable champion who everyone needs to get as she is game-changing! Her aoe decrease defence makes your spider runs from average to Legendary tier. This debuff defiantly helps when clearing this dungeon boss as you can put it on the spiderlings too so they are easier to clear. For a free champion it is a must you pick her up for your spider team.

Madame Serris – She has an array of strong abilities but for the spider, her aoe decrease attack and defence make her a strong choice so the spiderlings are also weakened as is the boss spider.

Tayrel – The MVP for debuffs! If you’ve been sleeping on Tayrel then get him out your vault and use him in the spider dungeons. He has an aoe decrease defence, a decrease attack and he can reduce turn meter. All these combined create a spider killer! Turn meter control in late-game spider becomes crucial so get your Tayrel in the team and get him destroying that beast.


There are many more to check out. To see more click the link to watch HH’s video explaining it below. Make sure you choose the right champions and slay that spider! Happy Raiding all!

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