Nyresan Soul Summon Event Raid: SHadow Legends
Published On: May 20, 2024
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Nyresan Soul Summon Event Live Now!

Plarium has just announced a Nyresan Soul Summon Event that will run from 09:00 UTC Monday 20th May until 09:00 UTC Thursday 24th May!

The event is focused on helping players gain Perfect Souls for Champions from the Nyresan Union and will require Prism Jewels which can be earned for free from the Sand Devil Tournament.

This could be a good event for late and end-game players looking to get hold of these specific Perfect Souls – read on for a full breakdown of the odds and whether it’s worth spending to pick up Prism Jewels this time around.

Here’s the full event summary from Plarium:

Plarium Announcement

From 09:00 UTC, Monday, 20 May until 09:00 UTC Thursday 23 May, we’re running a Nyresan Soul Summon Pool Event to help you get your hands on Perfect Souls for powerful Champions from the Nyresan Union!

During this event, you can summon Champion Souls from a unique pool. Each Event will have its own pool that you can summon from. Champion Souls of the same Rarity have an equal chance of being summoned, while the Rank of the Soul summoned will always vary. 

Prism Jewels are required to summon Champion Souls from the Prism Soulstone. When a Soul Summon Pool Event ends, any remaining Prism Jewels will be used automatically and summoned Souls will be sent to your Inbox. If you do not have enough Prism Jewels to summon a Champion’s Soul at the end of the event, you will be able to use these remaining Prism Jewels in future Soul Summon Pool Events.

You can get Prism Jewels from activities that are taking place during the Nyresan Summon Pool Event. 

This time, each summon will require 60 Prism Jewels.

The rewarding period will last for a day, from 09:00 UTC, Thursday, May 23, until 09:00 UTC, Friday, May 24, during which you won’t be able to access Jewel Offers, but you will be able to summon Champion Souls. 

Happy raiding!

Nyresan Summon Event Legendary Champions

Nyresan Summon Event Epic Champions










criodan the blue portrait


ruella portrait


Is the Nyresan Summoning Event Worth It?

Prism Jewels are mainly obtained with real money purchases through the in-game store. That said, 60 free Prism Jewels can be earned as prizes in the Sand Devil Tournament (available to access after players reach level 38), meaning this is an event focused on late-to-end-game players.

Check out our Sand Devil Guide for in-depth tactics for the tournament.

If you’re looking to gain Perfect Souls for the Champions in the Summoning Pools, this event offers the best odds for target farming in the game at a 1.96% chance for a 6-star Legendary.

Therefore, the Nyresan Soul Event is a decent opportunity to get high-value Legendary and Epic Tier Perfect Souls if you’re considering spending real cash for Prism Jewels.

Check out Sapphira’s detailed odds breakdown in the video below.

Are you planning to participate in this event? What Souls are you after if so? Let us know in the comments!

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Kara Antonsen
Kara Antonsen
1 month ago

in the running for the worst and most pointless piece of garbage added to raid… HUZZAH for it.. spending money to maaaaaybe to something decent but then it will at best be a 1 – 2 star most likely… yay? you get a lot of standard soul shards for free.. you get a measly 1 free pull and that is only if you think sand devil is worth the time which i do not.. 3 accounts that can speed clear stage 15 of devil just don’t at all.. rather save resources for something of worth..

1 month ago
Reply to  Kara Antonsen

Well actually, the minimum quality soul you could get from this event is a three star epic, but the odds of getting anything better are actually quite high. Also these types of events are designed with the late to end game players in mind. If you can only go up to stage 15 in SD you are arguably not an end-game player. In the later stages in the game when it becomes harder and harder to improve your champ builds with better gear alone, ascending gear becomes the most impactful and most cost effective way to do so. Also, with this being aimed at end game players, many of them are willing to spend a little on the game. I would agree that this event provides little benefit to a player that is in the earlier stages of the game. Even though I got a soul that is of no use to me right now (3 star Acrizia), this event is a great way to target souls for really powerful champs for which you want high level blessings. To each their own I guess, but this event was a win in my book.