15x Weekend Progressive Summons Event
Published On: March 21, 2024
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Sleep Champions Progressive Summons Event – RAID Shadow Legends

Plarium has just announced a Sleep Champions Progressive Chance Event that will run this weekend alongside the Festival Titan Event’s Summon Rush – this will likely hold a large chunk of the Festival Points required to complete the Event and earn yourself a Rank-5 Perfect Soul for the recent Fusion, Armanz the Magnificent.

There is a special boost on the Summon Rush that will see Ancient Shards yield an increased amount of points, a 150% bonus, which will make them more valuable than ever at completing the Summon Rush Event where typically they are less favourable compared to other types!

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!

This Friday, March 22nd, we’re planning to launch Progressive Chance Event, giving you at least x15 chance to summon the Champions of your choice from the selected pool from Ancient, Primal, Sacred, and Void Shards.

1 Slot Legendary Champions:

1 Slot Epic Champions:

The event will last 72 hours!

What is a Progressive Summon Event?

Unlike x2 events, where the odds of pulling a specific rarity is increased, progressive summons increase the chance that should you pull the higher rarity i.e. Legendary then you have an increased chance of earning the selected champion. If you pull the rarity then the chances increase when you pull the rarity again. The way it works is quite simple:

When you summon a champion, there is a 1 / total possible champions in that rarity. When you take part in a progressive summon, the total possible champions is increased by 14 for the champion you selected and you instead gain a 15 / total possible champions in that rarity + 14. This means the chances of acquiring the 1 champion that you select increases.

To get started, you select 1 champion from the list of available options per rarity and per shard. You will increase the odds by x15. Once you pull the rarity the odds increase to x20 and finally if you pull the rarity a second time it increases to a x25. Naturally, if you go 2 legendary deep then the chances of pulling your desired legendary on the third pull is the best outside of guaranteed summon events.

Who should you choose?

You can only select 1 champion of each rarity per shard so making the right choice is important. Fortunately, you can change your choice at any point during the summon event. Your choice will depend on who is already in your roster and what gaps you are looking to fill. We believe the options below are the best for most accounts as these champions provide the best overall power.

Prince Kymar

Powerful Reset Champion!

Siphi the Lost Bride-Portrait

Siphi the Lost Bride

Strong Heal and Support for all areas in the game!



Queen of Single Target Turn Meter Control



MVP Wave Clearer!

Should you Summon?

As we mentioned above, this event is included as part of the Festival Titan Event, therefore you will likely want to at least pick up SOME of the available Points due to the fact you can only skip a maximum of 250 and still complete the Event.

If you are pulling, many of these Champions are incredibly valuable, however, the running trend for this Summon Boost is Sleep debuffs, which have become incredibly important to have in your roster for Sand Devil’s Necropolis. With the latest Marius the Gallant missions requiring progression in content areas such as Hydra, Sand Devil and Shogun’s Grove – these champions are now more in demand than before. You can view the full list of missions here.

Are you going for this Sleep Champions Progressive Summons Event? Let us know who you are after in the comments!

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