Supporters Prism Summons Event
Published On: July 8, 2024
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Supporters Prism Summons Event

Plarium has launched a Supporters Prism Summons Event from July 8th to July 13th, allowing you to gain top-tier Support Champions!

You’ll need Prism Crystals to participate in this event. Prism Crystals can be earned through the following in-game events that are running during the Supporters Summon Pool:

  • Epic-only Spider Tournament – 2750 points needed for 35 Prism Shards approx. 154 Runs of Spider 20.
  • Dungeon Divers – TBD

The most effective way of doing this event and gaining Prisms is to do Dungeon Divers whilst completing your fusion requirements. We recommend holding any dungeon running until tomorrow despite Fire-Knight being available. This allows you to run energy efficiently against fusion and non-fusion requirements. During the Dungeon Divers the following events will be able:

  1. Fire-Knight Tournament – Ending Wednesday (10th July) – Packmaster Shy-ek Fragments
  2. Spider Epic Only Tournament – Ending Thursday (11th July) – 35 Prism Shards
  3. Champion Training Tournament – Ending Sunday (14th July) – Packmaster Shy-ek Fragments
  4. Dragon Tournament – Ending Sunday (14th July) – Packmaster Shy-ek Fragments

This offers many opportunities for you to optimise the Dungeon Diver Requirements with campaign rewarding a reasonable amount of diver points. We recommend you prioritise these by Fire-Knight > Spider > Champion Training > Dragon if you intend to gather all available prisms.

Supporters Summon Pool Legendary Champions

Glaicad of the Meltwater

Glaicad of the Meltwater Portrait

Wythir the Crowned

Wythir the Crowned

Wight Queen Ankora

wight queen ankora portrait


morrigaine portrait

Lady Kimi

Lady Kimi-Portrait

Prince Kymar

Prince Kymar-Portrait

Grand Oak Padraig

Grand Oak Padraig Portrait

Duchess Lilitu

Duchess Lilitu-Portrait

Teodor the Savant

Teodor Portrait

Supporters Summon Pool Epic Champions


Rector Drath

Mausoleum Mage





eolfrig portrait

Stag Knight

Stag Knight

Deacon Armstrong

Is the Supporters Summon Pool Event Worth It?

This Supporters Summon Pool Event is running at the same time as the Fusion so you’ll want to do events at the same time, but if you have spare energy to put into Spider then you can acquire 2 summons on this event. You can also use this event to gain 500 points as a minimum on Friday’s champion chase tournament which you may require for the fusion. With that said – are the champions on offer worth chasing? Our opinion is yes and we would highlight the  following champions as particularly worth chasing.

Legendary Champions

  • Prince Kymar needs no introduction as he is one of the best unique champions with his a3 which resets your team’s abilities, this makes your dungeon times drop drastically for the better!
  • Wight Queen Ankora was the February fusion but she is great in Hydra as she has a Team ally Debuff Cleanse and a strong shield for all allies. On top of this, she has a strong revive that resets the target’s cooldowns.
  • Grand Oak Padraig is a Hydra beast as he has the ally attack to get a load of damage down on the heads. He also has a cleanse and an Increase Speed buff which is great for getting more damage on Hydra as more turns = more damage!
  • Glaicad of the Meltwater is a better offensive version of Duchess Lilitu because he does bonus damage with his Perfect Veil on all allies. These skills hold universal value, especially to counter the Fear effects from the Head of Torment.

Epics Champions

  • Stag Knight is an OG and is great because he has an AOE that places a Decrease DEF and ATK debuff for 2 turns. He is a great champion in most areas of the game as these debuffs are universal.
  • Mordecai is one of the early HP Burn champions that sets your account alight, he has an AOE HP Burn and an AOE Increase ATK buff on one ability to make him an amazing champion that you should have on your account!
  • Uugo is one of the best Epic Champions in the game as he has very diverse sets of Debuffs that can be used in most areas of the game. But he excels in Hydra with his Decrease DEF and Block Buffs. On top of this, he has a cleanse on his a3 to keep the team alive.
  • Eolfrig is one of the epics needed to fuse the Mythical Champion Lady Mikage so if you pull him don’t be too disheartened because he goes a way towards a Mythical Champion!

Are you taking part in this event? Which Champions are you hoping to get? Let us know in the comments!

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