5 New Champions Added to Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: June 29, 2021

5 New Champions in Raid Shadow Legends


Today, in preparation for the fusion event in Raid Shadow Legends Plarium has launched a new update that includes 4 new champions in addition to the fusion champion.

Venomage joins the Lizardmen faction as a new poisoner and another champion that can Trigger Poison Debuffs (Poison Explode) albeit just 1 turn of the Poison debuff. Depending on the champions multipliers, the a1 could potentially be helpful against the Scarab Boss in Doom Tower with its Decrease MAX HP by 75% (this does require Heal Reduction Debuff to be present).

The rest of the kit is also interesting with a passive that reduces team damage if a heal reduction is placed, the ability to place heal reduction and the ability to place both decrease defence and decrease attack (if the target is under poison).

Whilst the Kit is very conditional, Venomage looks like a strong option for Clan Boss. This guide will be fully updated following a playtest.


Cleopterix is a much-needed addition to the Skinwalkers Faction as Legendary champion. On paper, Cleopterix looks incredibly strong bringing 2 regular AoE’s, a Block Active Skill debuff on an AoE and the ability to apply Hex to all champions enabling hard-hitting champions such as Ruel the Huntmaster and Thea the Tomb Angel. With a strong set of base stats, we anticipate Cleopterix could hit pretty hard.

Additionally, her passive is also interesting in which it enables a counter-attack regularly when losing hp or if 2 or more allies are dead (the A1 can apply to Weaken and a Perfect Veil on Cleopterix if the attack kills someone).


Pharsalas Gravedirt joins the Epic ranks of the Knight Revenant Faction in Patch 4.40. His initial kit looks underwhelming providing very little offensive capabilities and a weak form of Strengthen.

He does bring an AoE Heal reduction which generally is not especially useful. Finally, he carries a similar capability as Inquisitor Shamael in that he is immune to Fear.


Tuhanarak is the latest Void Legendary that joins in patch 4.4. On paper, Tuhanarak reads like a glorified Golden Doompriest in that she has a passive that cleanses a debuff. Unfortunately, you trade the 10% heal for continuous heals that only applies to 1 other champion on the A1

Her a2 mechanic is interesting in that it applies a debuff spread effect on 2 random debuffs. Essentially, if the enemy has no debuffs then this skill becomes an AoE Decrease Attack and Block Buffs debuff however if there are debuff present then you are playing with the RNG gods on which debuffs actually transfer to other enemies.

Her a3 provides an Increase Defence and Increase Speed buff to all allies which is very strong but nothing more than some epics or other fusion legendary champions can do.


Versulf the Grim is the latest Fragment Champion event released in July 2021. His kit is focused on controlling your enemies using Provoke but he also brings some team support in Increase Defence and Ally Protection.

His A1 also provides him with a self shield for 2 turns making him a viable Borgoth, the Scarab King, champion.

Finally, he carries a passive effect similar to Drexthar Bloodtwin where he places provoke when attacked by any champion.

On paper, Versulf looks exceptional for half of the doom tower rotation 1 bosses, Scarab and Magma Dragon and also will help you progress in Knight Revenant FW.


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  1. dodgson June 30, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    Doompriest’s passive heals by 7.5%, not 10%.

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