Published On: December 24, 2021
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How Raid Shadow Legends Changed in 2021

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What is Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based MMORPG, boasting 380 million users worldwide across mobile and PC and 1 million active daily users. Developed by Plarium.

You can play Raid: Shadow Legends on any mobile device which uses either Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or on a Windows PC via the Plarium Play Launcher.


When was Raid Shadow Legends released?

Raid was initially released as a mobile-only game, on Android and iOS back in January 2019, but due to its massive success, Plarium followed up in October 2019 with a PC client called Plarium Play. Prior to that, it was possible to play this game on your PC still, through emulators such as Bluestacks.


What changed in Raid Shadow Legends in 2021?

2021 was quite a big year for Raid in terms of releases looking back on it, including some fantastic Fusions, and some less impressive ones too.

January – Iron Brago
February – Astralon
March – Yoshi the Drunkard
April – Underpriest Brogni
May – Ruel the Huntsmaster
June – Hurndig
July – Versulf the Grim
August – Mother Cybele
September – Roric Wyrmbane
October – Sigmund the Highshield
November – Vlad the Nightborn
November – Vildrax
December – Tatura Rimehide

2021 also showed the advancement of Doom Tower, with 2 new rotations being added to the mix, including 4 new bosses.

Shadowkin Faction! The Shadowkin were finally introduced to the game, and over the last few months have become a very bolstered Faction with tons of great Champions with endless utility, however currently their Faction Crypt is not yet open, it will open in early 2022.

The Duplicate System(s)! They finally happened, and while many of the community have/had mixed opinions on what was implemented, we got something which is progress. You can read more about the duplicate systems here.

The Hydra Clan Boss, after a very long time of teasing, it finally released! This boss will test every inch of your Raid Account as you try to progress your way through the difficulties. The Hydra has no fears, it’s a very unforgiving and RNG-based encounter, more so since the nerf of Deterrence which also graced us in 2021.


What was the biggest release of 2021?

I’d say the biggest release of 2021, regardless of how well it’s gone down with the community is us finally getting the much anticipated Hydra Clan Boss. It’s a huge new piece of content for the game, and as much as it is VERY challenging, that’s exactly what we’ve been asking for all year.

It’s a difficult situation in this game, and all games where we all want content, yet complain when we can’t clear it on day 1.

Hydra will last a long while, and with the addition of new heads and difficulties in the future plans of Plarium, it will stay relevant and a constant threat to us!

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask the Community Manager team how they felt about this year’s development of the game, here’s what they had to say:

We think that 2021 is the best year for Raid, so far. We succeeded in releasing some big and important features. The duplicates system is finally here with different options to get the maximum out of champions. Clans are an essential part of the game and something that we hold dear as part of the game community. So we are proud of our work in developing them this year and excited to keep working in this area. While a major pain for some, the New Doom Tower Bosses are a massive addition to the game. We are glad to provide some tricky but rewarding challenges. Talking about a good challenge, our little Greek-inspired monstrosity is finally out. The Hydra is going to be hard and will change a lot between rotations, but we are certain you will prevail. You always do. The next year’s plans are also quite ambitious: we will be working actively on improving the existing features, as well as on adding new exciting content to the game. We promise that there is a lot more to look forward to. Thank you all for this year and let’s meet the new one knowing that it will be even better because everything is in our hands.


What is still expected to come in 2022?

I imagine 2022 will be packed with new releases, and changes as always, whether we’ll directly see new content or not is something we will have to wait and see about.

Cirilla said in an interview towards the end of this year that next year’s main focus will be Arena, and the whole PvP scene, which we currently know will involve the expansion of Platinum to allow 500 players weekly, and the addition of a new Arena tier – Gold V.

We know there are various other changes coming such as Tavern QOL changes, Super Raids for other areas of the game, you can read the highlights of the most recent ‘What’s coming in Raid’ from November here.

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2 years ago

I am eagerly awaiting some hydra strategies. Currently just a lot of throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks only to hit the free regroup button because it is nigh impossible to 1 key hard. Maybe nerf the lower levels a tad?

2 years ago

2021 was a year of a lot or experience. But Hydra is really hard for mid game players