Published On: October 12, 2023

Lady Mikage Fusion – Raid Shadow Legends


Welcome to the Lady Mikage Fusion, a brand new Mythical Champion from the Shadowkin Faction.

Lady Mikage is the first of her kind as the first Mythical Fusion, and she is a permanent Fusion just like Rhazin Scarhide!

Gathering all the required components to fuse your own Lady Mikage won’t be an easy feat, but if and when you do, you’ll be rewarded with a very cool Champion!

Base Form:

Alternate Form:

Lady Mikage Fusion Type: Permanent Traditional

Lady Mikage is a Traditional Fusion, rather than a Fragment Collector Event – however, with her being a Permanent Fusion, we will not be collecting Champions OR Fragments from any events or tournaments, instead, we will have to gather these Champions over time from Shard Pulls, and eventually once gathering them all – you will need to level and rank up the required Champions in order to fuse Lady Mikage.

The required rares will need to be level 40/Rank 4, Epics will need to be Level 50, Rank 5 and Legendaries will need to be Level 60, Rank 6 – All of which will then need fully ascending.

With this being permanent, there is no time pressure he, so don’t stress over collecting everything, you will get them in time (hopefully).

Traditional Fusion Requirements:

The required Champions to fuse Lady Mikage:

To Fuse Keeyra the Watcher:

To Fuse Tatsu:

To Fuse Lowain:

To Fuse Weregren:

To Upgrade the Champions Ranks you will need:

  • 24x Rank 3 Chickens
  • 40x Rank 4 Chickens
  • 10x Rank 5 Chickens

To Ascend all of the required Champions, you will need:

Affinity Lesser Greater Superior
Arcane 40 184 62
Void 40 36 6
Force 10 64 39
Magic 20 68 18
Spirit 10 64 39

Thoughts on Lady Mikage:


The unique element of Mythical Champions is the ability to Metamorph between forms, opening the doors to more skills than usual. Starting with her base form, her A2 revolves around decreasing the duration of enemy Buffs and ally Debuffs, coinciding with increasing the durations of Buffs on allies, and Debuffs on enemies. Although the synergy of this ability holds universal value, you may see its full potential for the Clan BossHydra & Arena encounters [As examples]. One of the highlight skills would be the A3, due to placing both a 50% Increase Atk & 30% Increase Crit Damage on allies, followed by a full team Ally attack. When facing content such as the Fire Knight or Clan Boss this not only increases your damage output but can reduce those tedious shield counters, especially when paired with multi-hit champions. Last but not least, the passive in this form protects your Highest Attack champions by removing their Debuffs every turn [Which can be great for Arena], followed by a 10% Shield placement on your lowest HP ally with the default skill.


As we Metamorph into her arachnid Alternate Form, she becomes a crowd-controlling menace! These come in the form of single target Sleep debuffs, AOE Stuns & multiple forms of Turn Meter reductions including the passive. Although the sleep may be great for the Sand Devil, it’s worth noting her MAX HP will be decreased upon Turn Meter reductions, therefore synergising her with MAX HP restoration champions is ideal. Outside of this, the Turn Meter manipulation and stuns are great, especially to control those pesty spiderlings, or simply waves in the Doom Tower [As examples]. Last but not least, her ability to Increase your allies’ accuracy by 50% can assist you when facing high stat threshold content, whilst the buff removals & weaken can be great for many areas such as the Hydra.

Lady Mikage Skills:

Best of luck with your completion of the Lady Mikage Fusion!

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1 month ago

Worth mentioning Amarantine Skeleton, Centurion, Vanguard and Confessor are all Rare Void.

“To Fuse Weregren:
1x Amarantine Skeleton, Rare, Void; 1x Centurion, Rare, Void; 1x Vanguard, Rare Void; 1x Confessor, Rare, Void”