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Published On: May 21, 2023
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Best Hydra Champions to use in Raid Shadow Legends


Hydra has become a huge topic of conversation recently with the Content Creator Clash Event, featuring 8 Content Creators battling it out to get the Hydra Clan Boss Crown!

Hellhades and YST did a video about the Best champions for Hydra and we will cover them in more detail below. As with every champion you can find their full guides by clicking the hyperlinks on their name.

Hydra is one of the harder pieces of content that Raid has released and it gives a lot of players many challenges so here are some of the best champions for Hydra that we’re seeing utilized in the Content Creator Draft, that will change your account and get you Mithrala quicker!

Here is the Content Creator Contest run by Mr DeadwoodJedi (The one with the best laugh!)

Team Foundations:

Before we dive into the Champions that are specifically mentioned below as standouts, it’s important to note that specific Champions do not make or break Hydra teams, there are endless possibilities for who you can run as a 6man team, but making sure that you’re ticking all/most of the required boxes in your teams is much more important.

Of course, there are Champions who stand out from the crowd and can carry you, but ultimately, you still need to be able to cover all of the basics required to face Hydra.

What you will need:

  • Multiple Sources of Damage – Having only 1 Damage Dealer can be a massive trap, even if they are providing a large amount of damage if they get devoured by a Hydra Head (which they will) – you will have little to no means of getting them out, which may be fine in the earlier stages of the fight, but as it goes on and the Devour Windows get smaller, you will struggle and eventually lose your only source of damage for the fight. You will also want the matching offensive buffs to pair with your damage dealers, whether that be Increase ATK or Increase DEF.
  • A way of handling Head of Torment – There are a few ways in which Torment can be handled, either through Perfect Veil, constant cleanses (Champions like Doompriest or Tuhanarak), or Inquisitor Shamael.
  • Block Buffs – The Hydra can place some nasty buffs which will change the direction of your run, such as Poison Cloud, Shields, and Reflect Damage, as well as buffs stolen by the Head of Mischief. High uptime of Block Buffs will prevent all of the above, making your run smooth.
  • Head of Decay Provoker – The head of Decay is the only head that can be provoked, and if you do not keep him provoked, he will fully cleanse all of the other Hydra Heads, and place Life Barriers on them, which if not broken will fully heal the head.
  • Offensive Debuffs – You will want to make sure you have Decrease DEF at a bare minimum in your team, ideally Weaken too, to increase your damage output.
  • Speed Control – Some of the Hydra Heads are rather fast, and you always want to be able to keep good pace when fighting them, to rotate around to your abilities faster, maintaining high uptime of your debuffs and ultimately dealing more damage – you can bring both Increase SPD and Decrease SPD to gain more turns against the Hydra.
  • Defensive Measures – The damage output of Hydra is nasty, particularly Head of Wrath, to counter this you will want to bring a good mix of the following: Increase DEF, Strengthen, Damage Mitigation/Healing, and Decrease ATK – It’s not always possible to get ALL of the above into your team, but you will want a good amount of coverage to keep your team alive.
  • Head of Mischief controlHead of Mischief is a massive pain when it comes to stealing your buffs and Turn Meter, of course, keeping a high uptime of Block Buffs can mitigate this, but you will still lose important buffs from your Champions, Mischief Tanks are a common placeholder in Hydra Teams, which is the concept of Baiting Mischief to focus on a specific Champion, who is built with enough resistance to block any attempts made by Head of Mischief to steal buffs, meaning even if you don’t have Block Buffs on Mischief when it attacks, it will not be able to steal your buffs regardless!

God Tier Hydra Champions:


Geomancer is a God in most Dungeon runs however he shines in Hydra due to his his success as a damage dealer. His remarkable passive ability is the key to high amounts of damage. Geomancer’s passive reduces the damage received by all allies by 15% and redirects that damage to each enemy afflicted with an [HP Burn] debuff caused by Geomancer. Moreover, when Geomancer himself is attacked, 30% of the damage is deflected back at the assailant. Additionally, there’s a 30% chance that the deflected damage will be accompanied by an extra amount equal to 3% of the target’s maximum HP. This skill is particularly strong when the Head of Wrath is around. The big slams from Wrath help to add a lot of damage. The powerful strikes from Wrath contribute significantly to the overall damage output. Geomancer’s A3 skill, which triggers the passive, not only applies [HP Burn] and [Weaken] debuffs but also excels at handling Poison Clouds from the Head of Blight due to its “place” mechanism as opposed to an “attack” method. We could go on but you already know he is a beast! If you want to read more than check out Geomancers Hydra Spotlight.

Krisk the Ageless

Krisk the Ageless is an absolute beast in the game but he brings everything that you need: [AOE Provoke] [Ally Protection] [Gigantic Shields] [Increase Speed] [Increase DEF] [Decrease Speed] [Decrease ATK] [Decrease DEF] [Increase Buff Duration] [Self-Healing]. I mean just wow look at that list! Everything you need to slay the Hydra Heads! Krisk has established himself as a reliable champion, frequently seen in numerous world record submissions, including the current record. He is a staple in almost all end-game Hydra teams, particularly on the higher difficulty levels. But he is really good because he can Provoke the Head of Decay! Overall look at the buffs and debuffs he has! Get yours built now! Check out Krisk’s full guide.

Trunda Giltmallet-Portrait

Trunda Giltmallet is BROKEN for Hydra and I mean BROKEN! If you saw Skratche’s Hydra run then you know why she is on the list! She NUKES the Hydra. To make her do the bonkers amount of damage you need to kill a head then a2 and just watch the numbers fly into the millions! There is an issue with her code on her a2 that makes her produce damage in the millions. If you have her and didn’t know her potential then let me tell you put her in your team and you’ll see a massive damage boost but only against a dead head remember that is a key part!

Nekmo Thaar

Nekmo Thaar possesses exceptional power when it comes to Hydra battles. His kit includes an incredible AoE A1 attack that inflicts [Decrease ATK] debuff, setting the stage for devastation. Additionally, his AoE A2 ability not only applies [Decrease SPD] and [Leech] debuffs to multiple enemies. He also grants [Increase SPD] to all allies while boosting their turn meters by an impressive 30%. To top it off, his passive ability proves to be incredibly advantageous, as it steadily increases his own turn meter every time a debuff is removed, transferred, or naturally expires. Nekmo Thaar’s skill set truly exemplifies his insane effectiveness in Hydra.


Uugo stands as an unrivaled Hydra powerhouse all on her own. With her formidable skill set, she reigns as a queen of the battlefield. Her A1 attack applies a leech effect, allowing her to sustain herself and her team in the midst of combat. Uugo’s A2 unleashes an AoE assault that inflicts both Decrease DEF and Block Buffs debuffs, crippling the Hydra’s defenses and preventing them from Stealing your buffs. On top of that, her A3 ability serves as a cleanse and heal, ensuring the vitality and longevity of herself and her allies. However, it is her passive that truly shines, as it has the potential to turn the tide of battle when she is the sole survivor. Uugo‘s ability to endure and thrive in the face of adversity makes her an invaluable asset in Hydra encounters.

Royal Guard-Portrait

Royal Guard is really good for Hydra because he has an Enemy MAX HP ability and IT SMACKS! Royal guard also has a single target [decrease Defence] on his A1 and a multi hitting A3 which [decreases turn meter] and [speed] making him a truly amazing champion. Make sure you build him with 100% Crit and a good amount of Crit Damage, plus you may want some accuracy to land his debuffs!

mighty ukko portait

Mighty Ukko‘s kit is tailor-made for Hydra battles, boasting an arsenal of abilities that perfectly suit the encounter. His AoE A1 attack, which applies a [Decrease ATK] debuff, sets a strong foundation and allows for additional utility, such as equipping a Taunting set to effectively control the Head of Decay. The A2 skill unleashes another devastating AoE assault, with a chance to strip random buffs from enemies. Moreover, it inflicts [Block Buffs] and [Decreases ACC] debuffs on targets that remain buffless after the attack. Ukko‘s A3 ability [revives] fallen allies but also grants them a [Block Damage] buff for added protection. Furthermore, he bestows [Increase SPD] upon all allies, a beneficial effect that can even be granted in the absence of any deceased allies to revive. With a reviver possessing such a wealth of helpful buffs and debuffs, Ukko stands out as a truly exceptional champion for Hydra encounters. Having a reviver with so many helpful buffs and debuffs makes this champion unique. If you want to check out more on Mighty Ukko check out this Mighty Ukko Hydra Spotlight.

acrizia portrait

There is a reason why Acrizia was banned from the Content Creator Challenge! She is OP! Acrizia is an absolute beast at doing damage to High HP opponents. She has a unique passive that will convert her attacks into Enemy Max HP multipliers should the target have more than double her HP. Her A1 attack applies [Decrease Defence], further amplifying the damage inflicted on her targets. On her A3, she possesses a remarkable ability to steal 100% of the enemy’s turn meter, without requiring accuracy. Additionally, her A2 skill provides a shield to her and her allies, although the shield’s strength may be relatively lower unless her HP stat is prioritized. This can be an effective strategy if she is primarily used against high HP targets such as Hydra, as her Attack stat becomes less crucial in such scenarios. Acrizia‘s versatility and tactical advantages make her a valuable asset in any battle.

Duchess Lilitu-Portrait

Duchess Lilitu proves her exceptional prowess in all areas of the game, including Hydra battles. Her ability to shine in this particular encounter remains unparalleled. The skill that sets her apart, [Perfect Veil], grants invaluable assistance in countering the Head of Torment by negating all fears. Furthermore, this skill provides a [Block Debuffs] effect to protect your team while simultaneously bestowing an [Increase ATK] buff for enhanced offensive capabilities. Duchess also excels as a [revived], capable of resurrecting all fallen allies while simultaneously applying [Continuous Heal buffs] to ensure their sustained survival. Her A1 attack additionally places an [Shield] on the ally with the lowest HP, providing an extra layer of protection. Moreover, her passive ability mitigates damage from AoE attacks, further solidifying her position as a top choice for Hydra battles, where survival is paramount. When it comes to building a well-balanced team, there are numerous factors to consider. If you want to read her Hydra Spotlight then click the link here to Duchess Lilitu’s Hydra Spotlight.


Inquisitor Shamael possesses a unique kit that allows for complete control and lockdown of the Head of Torment in Hydra battles. With Inquisitor Shamael on your team, there’s no need to worry about champions being under the [Perfect Veil] effect while attacking the head, and you become immune to debuffs from its A1 attack. He can be built as a full damage dealer or be given more utility, and a toxic set is an excellent option, especially considering the head can be poisoned. Additionally, the taunting set works wonders, providing him with extra utility to [provoke] the Head of Decay and accumulate hits and damage against the Head of Torment. Furthermore, he performs an additional attack with his A1 every time an enemy places a debuff on an ally, making him valuable in handling the other heads present, although his damage output may not be as significant. Considering that his passive ability only boosts the turn meter of the leader, selecting the right champion pairing becomes crucial for optimal performance. For more info click this Inquisitor Shamael Hydra Spotlight.


These are some of our Best Champions for Hydra! Are there any Hydra Champions you would add here? Let us know Below!

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8 months ago

Gnut is my nuker for my best Hydra team. I run him with Duchess to revive him if he dies.