MythBusted – A New Clan Unkillable Boss Team!

Published On: October 15, 2021

MythBusted – Unkillable 2:1 Clan Boss Tune with Demytha


We’ve not had a new Clan Boss Unkillable option for a long time and the meta has revolved around variants of Roschard the Tower, Maneater or Sir Nicholas champions to provide the unkillable or block damage buff. With the Sigmund the Highshield fusion, Demytha was introduced into the Dwarves faction. She has opened up a raft of possible new Unkillable teams with some good accessibility for many players to reach Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss.

This guide will breakdown the specifics of the variation that Saphyrra built with Fu-Shan. It includes accessible champions including a Farmable Rare in Heiress.


Demytha – Why is she so good?


Demytha has 2 main abilities that make her excellent and unique for clan boss:

  1. Channel the Bloodline (A3) – She places Block Damage buff on all allies for 1 turn on a 3 turn cooldown
  2. Light of the Deep (A2) – She will increase the duration of all ally buffs by1 turn and decrease any debuffs by 1 turn duration and also heal for a significant amount

The combination of unkillable with buff extension allows her to fill 2 roles that normally would require 2 champions. You can’t extend the block damage buff but you can extend continuous heals, increase defence or more importantly for this comp – increase speed buffs.


How does it work?


The key components to this team are Seeker, Heiress and Demytha. From Turn 5 on UNM (turn 2 on NM/Brutal), you will fall into a 2:1 pattern, that is your team will take 2 turns to the 1 clan boss turn. Heiress will go first in each turn and use her A2 ability which will cleanse any debuff (including the stun debuff) and place increase speed. We then have Demytha using her A2 to extend the duration of all speed buffs. Demytha will also be the last champion to go before the Clan Boss attacks and will use her A3 to place the Block Damage buff. This means no one will take damage for the duration of the 49 clan boss turns before he attacks whilst ignoring all unkillable and block damage effects.

The third requirement is Seeker – already a staple of Bateater comps, he is crucial to providing the Turn Meter boost required to keep our speeds low and get the extra turns required to enable the 2:1 rotation. What we end up with is both Heiress and Demytha running on a 3:1 ratio to the clan boss whilst your 3 remaining champions run 2:1.

The final component of this team is a speed aura to help reduce speed requirements. Fu-Shan brings a strong 24% aura whilst also bringing significant damage and Decrease Defence debuff.

You can slot anyone in as your 5th although they should be a good damage dealer with ideally the Weaken debuff. See our list of champion alternatives for this comp here.


The Speed Tune


Thanks to the great Clan Boss Calculator tool developed by Deadwoodjedi – we can share the specific requirements to enable this speed tune. You can check out this speed tune here. You should always adjust the speed/perception sets and lore of steel if you want to reproduce this with your champions. Some of these speeds are close so it could throw out your tune.

Specific Speed Ranges

  • Demytha – 296+ (Dem True Speed must be greater than 1.5 * Seeker True Speed)
  • Heiress – 264-266 (She can run slower in the calculator on non-spirit – for spirit these speeds are recommended due to the initial tick with decrease speed active)
  • Fu-Shan – 189 – 203
  • Seeker – 185-188
  • DPS – 170-177 (DPS True Speed cannot be greater than Seeker True Speed * (7.15/7.8))

Clan Boss Compatibility

This tune will work on Ultra-nightmare, Nightmare and Brutal difficulties of Clan Boss. It will also work on all affinities and it can be configured with the AI Tool to run full auto from the start.

AI Configuration

  1. Demytha – Set her A3 as Priority 1, A2 as Priority 2
  2. Heiress – Set her A2 as priority 1 (she sometimes like to make weird decisions so best to force that she uses this always)
  3. Seeker – Open with A1 but leave the rest as default
  4. Fu-Shan – Disable A2 (it has far less damage than A1)
  5. DPS – Tweak as required for the champion you choose.

Champion Alternatives


We understand not everyone is lucky to pull all of these champions. Thankfully this comp can support a number of variations or alternatives however you will find this may perform worse than the results of this tune:

  • Demytha – No alternative for this comp!
  • Heiress – If you always run void – then you can use another champion in this position. They will need to bring increase speed buff to whole team. You can review the full list here but Lydia would be a great option bringing the core debuffs also opening up your options in the DPS slot.
  • Fu-ShanDeacon Armstrong is the best fit here as he brings a 19% aura and a decrease defence debuff – he will deal significantly less damage and you will need to use DeadwoodJedi’s tune for this (check the link below).
  • Seeker – No Alternative for this particular comp!
  • DPS – If you run Heiress, you will want a champion that can reliably provide Weaken debuff and bring plenty of damage. A good shortlist could be Dracomorph, Brakus the Shifter, Jintoro, Geomancer but a full list can be found here.

IMPORTANT: Any variation should take into consideration turn meter – champions such as Hurndig may seem perfectly viable (he bring Weaken plus damage) for the DPS slot but his passive will provide him Turn Meter when hit. For void this could be adjusted as you only get hit once but on affinity you will be hit 4 times. A 40% turn meter boost will break your tune.

A great place to theorycraft alternatives is our discord server – if you have any questions or want some support from the community in making your own version of this comp, you can join via this link here.


Full Showcase




Special thanks to:

  1. ShortOnSkillz
  2. DeadwoodJedi (and his community)

This tune is a variation of the MythHeiress comp developed by Deadwood and his community so this deserves a special notice. If you want to check out more Demytha Clan Boss comps including a budget maneater alternative – Keep an eye out for videos released to HellHades youtube and you can also check out DeadwoodJedi’s series on Demytha here!


  1. Shoebooty October 15, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    I am trying to replicate the calculator shown in the video, I get to near perfect on the true speeds (a couple are less than 0.2 off) and my results are no where close to what is shown. What am I missing?

    • Saphyrra October 20, 2021 at 3:07 pm

      Hey – Results as in damage outcomes or the tune fails?

  2. mhmt.aydin4 December 21, 2021 at 9:38 pm

    has Seeker any alternative for this comp, just get to turn 49? There is only one champ missing and its Seeker. I just need to get turn 49 and the damage is not important for now. Actually i just understanding clan boss cuz im new player. Is it enough Demytha A3 before every boss AoE2 skill to get turn 49?

    • mhmt.aydin4 December 22, 2021 at 9:07 am

      for exp. Doomscreech gives same turnmeter increase for 2:1 and same cd(3 turn). Can we use this champion instead of seeker? The damage is not important for now.

  3. Jakuza December 31, 2021 at 12:44 am

    Heiress changed to Tatura, wont be better , because more damage ?

    • Tomipluk March 12, 2022 at 6:19 pm

      Hi it’s possible to run this team without Heirees if yes which champion can change her I can use Archmage Hellmut
      And 2nd question if I can change speed aura champ for Kalvalax

  4. Tomipluk March 23, 2022 at 11:18 am

    Finally I got my team Kalvalax, Frankie the fat, Heirees, Seeker and Demytha this is fantastic
    My team it’s not the best but still UNM 80mln NM 90mln and Brutal almost 100mln thx for super guide i love this team

  5. OC-K1NG November 14, 2022 at 11:52 am

    @Webite Mods /Devs, the discord link “link here” just above the showcase has expired.

    • Saphyrra November 14, 2022 at 12:10 pm

      Hey sorry about that – we’ve updated the link

  6. JAMAAL A RASHID-EVANS December 10, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    So the screenshot shows Demytha, Anax and Heiress but Anax is not mentioned so is that a good team to use? as I have all 3.

  7. Brett Jenkins January 4, 2023 at 2:36 pm

    I’m trying to set this up with Jintoro as my DPS. It’s just not doing well, like 15m on NM, 8m on UNM. Can you check my #’s and advise? Here are my speeds before aura:
    Demytha 296 A3 as Priority 1, A2 as Priority 2
    Heiress 265 A2 as priority 1
    Fu-Shan 189 A2 Disabled
    Seeker 187 Open with A1
    Jintoro 170 No change

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