Weekly Recap of Raid Shadow Legends
Published On: February 4, 2024

Raid Weekly Recap 2024 – Episode 5

Welcome to another episode of our Raid: Shadow Legends Weekly Recap. We’re into February for 2024 and already a number of new features and champions have been announced and our first set of Champion rebalances in many many months. Let’s recap what has taken place this week.

Fragment Exchange System

A feature long requested by players has been a method to exchange excess or leftover fragments from previous fusion events into fragments for another champion to finish fusions. Well in typical Plarium tradition, we didn’t quite get exactly what we wanted. Plarium has announced a new fragment exchange system coming next week in which you can convert your excess tokens into Exchange Tokens that can be used to open a chest.

The chest contains a number of random rewards which you will receive 1. In addition, they also announced a new exclusive Fragment Champion, Highmother Maud. You can read more about this new feature in our news article breaking down the new system.

New Fragment Champion – Highmother Maud

highmother maud skills featured article splash

With the release of the fragment exchange system, a reward in chests are fragments for a brand new (and exclusive!) Legendary Support Champion, Highmother Maud. You will only be able to obtain her from the fragments you gain from exchange chests. We currently have no information on the amount of chests you will need or the amount of fragments you get per chest. You will require 100 Maud fragments to be able to summon her.

Our initial summary is that this champion is a good support and progression champion, capable of replacing Doompriest in Clan Boss or being used as team support to cleanse and revive your team when required. We recommend you check out her full champion guide for full details, skills and ratings.

The real question remaining that has yet to be answered is how accessible will this champion be. Will we be required to give up several full fusions to exchange or will the fragments we already have be enough? We will have to wait until Patch 8.20 which is due out next week.

February Fusion Event Announced – Wight Queen Ankora

With Valentine’s Day only 10 days away – we have a new lover’s duo entering the battlefields of Teleria. As usual, we have one of the two new champions as a Fusion event whilst the other will need to be summoned. Plarium has confirmed that the upcoming February Fusion will be a Fragment Collection fusion. This means you will earn fragments for that champion and exchange the fragments at 100 for the Legendary champion.

The champion available this year in the fusion is Wight Queen Ankorathe bride of Wight King Narses who will be released at the same time. Let’s summarise their key information:

wight queen ankora portrait

Affinity: Magic
Role: Support
Faction: Knight Revenant
Team Role: Debuff Cleanse with Shield and Revives.

wight king narses portrait

Affinity: Void
Role: HP
Faction: Knight Revenant
Team Role: Damage Dealer that Counts the Meta

We have a dedicated article covering our new Wight Royal Family that breaks down the new skills and features and you can also find the champion guides for both champions with our initial ratings and thoughts.

Champion Rebalances Announced

During the interview with Ash (check it out here..) we received confirmation that Champion Rebalances were coming back into monthly updates and they would be starting with Angar and Fortus. These are two void legendaries that have fallen way short of the bar we set for a Void Legendary Champion either through miscoding, poor damage or just dated skill features.

This week Plarium gave us the first glimpses of the changes coming to the game next week in Patch 8.20. Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything we really wanted with very limited (if any?!) changes coming to Fortus and Angar remains to be seen if his changes bring him up to compete with our very best Provokers in Teleria.

We have detailed all the known information on these rebalances in our dedicated article on the topic.

Blessings and Awakening Changes Coming Next Week

Patch 8.20 is shaping up to be a busy window of changes with more and more changes announced as last week progressed. The largest and most significant changes coming are those to Blessings. The long-awaited change to Polymorph (affectionally known as demon sheep debuff that ruins our arena teams!!) is due and we have that information but we were also surprised with changes to a number of low-performing and/or poor blessings that we would never recommend you select for your champions.

There are some controversial changes, especially to Faultless Defense which may cause a bit of upset to early-game players who enjoyed the damage reduction features of this blessing. We are looking forward to digging into the changes to see why new blessings surprise us the most.

In addition to the blessing changes, we are going to see a huge change to stat distribution. Previously stats were designated differently based on the blessing you chose. For example, Soul reap would grant you 500 attack to a Legendary champion at Rank 2 awakening versus Ward of the Fallen which granted 5000 Health.

Plarium has confirmed that Blessings will now grant ALL stats for each tier taking the current values of each and applying at rank 2. We expect a Legendary Champion at Rank 2 will now receive, Health, Defence and Attack (5000, 400, 500) instead. This will significantly increase stat gains further valuing blessings higher than most other champion development features.

There’s much to decompress and assess with this change – make sure you read our article on the subject in full.

Alatreon A1 Skill Update

After many, many and more hours of grinding the Alatreon Blademaster Hero Path – players discovered an anomaly with his A1, Foresight Slash. The skill read:

Has a 40% chance to increase the duration of 2 random buffs on all allies by 1 turn.

Players assumed that this meant a single roll attempt if successful would extend all ally buffs. After checking the code, our very own Saphyrra came to the conclusion that the A1 was actually rolling the probability per champion in the team meaning it was checking the chance individually and only extending the buffs on that champion if successful. A bug report was submitted to Plarium outlining the issues, how it was misleading to players and to clarify if this was intentional.

Plarium responded by confirming that the current working skill was not bugged but the description would be updated. As of today, the skill has been changed to:

Has a 40% chance to increase the duration of 2 random buffs on each ally individually by 1 turn.

The impact of this change could mean your mischief target in Hydra is not working (due to other champions buffs extending) or that your clan boss speed tune will break due to inconsistent buff durations. We recommend players review their team based on this change.

Alatreon remains a strong support due to his protected buffs so this change does create a challenge but we are confident his initial ratings and assessment are strong.

Final Week of the Titan Event

We are into the final week of the Lunar Titan Event, where gaining the 5 star soul for Zinogre Blademaster will be make or break. We knew at the start of the event that 1750 points would be on offer and you require 1500 for the 5 star Perfect Soul. The final events active as of today (4th of February) leaves 610 points remaining and we can make an assessment of what these will contain:

  1. 100 Points remains in the Champion Training Event
  2. 30 Points remains in the Dragon Tournament
  3. 30 Points remains in the Ice Golem Tournament due to launch tomorrow
  4. 300 points remains in the Champion Chase Event ending today
  5. 20-50 points remains in the Fusion Warmup event starting tomorrow
  6. 100-130 points remains in the Deck of Fates for Fatalis Blademaster

The points for the Deck of Fates and Warmup are unknown but we can estimate on previous events – for example should there be 20 in the fusion warmup then 130 will be in the Deck!

Make sure you plan today for the last few points to avoid losing out!

Comment below what you are most excited about from the past weeks announcements!

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12 days ago

Thanks guys! I’m at 1450 lunar pts, and I’m gonna skip the deck. But if the warmup doesnt include 20 pts (at least), I’ll be screwed.