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Published On: December 17, 2023
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Raid Weekly Recap 4: Dec 11th – Dec 17th


Welcome to our fourth Raid Weekly Recap – Where we will break down all of the happenings in RAID: Shadow Legends from this week!

So sit back, and enjoy this weeks instalment of the Raid Weekly Recap!

HOLIDAY FUSION EVENT | Blizaar the Howler

This year’s holiday fusion event for RAID Shadow Legends has officially begun, and will be going on until the end of December, 2023. This event features a new Legendary Champion, from the Ogryn Tribes, Blizaar the Howler. We have a full breakdown of Blizaar HERE.

There will be a series of events for the rest of the month, where players will acquire fragments of Bovos Sharphorn, and then need to level up 4 copies of him to level 50, five star ascension, in order to fuse into Blizaar the Howler.

Bovos Sharphorn initially grades out as a 3 star champion in the Official HH Gaming RAID Tier List. He is not a game-changing Epic that will be a must-have or anything, but for early to mid-game players, he could be a decent niche option for areas like Faction Wars because he does have a very reliable [Decrease SPD] on his A1, while doing a bit of Debuff Cleansing, and some healing.

You can find an updated breakdown of the Blizaar the Howler fusion event calendar HERE!

The current polling update from The HH Gaming Network YouTube Channel, show that the current participation rate of the fusion event for Blizaar the Howler is settling in at around 23%.


We are heading into the final week of the Yuletide Titan Event, which is an opportunity for player’s to acquire Tormin the Cold, if they are able to get up to 2,000 “Snow Points” in this event. As you head into the final week, you’ll want to be around at least 1,500+ Snow Points to still have a chance at getting the 2,000 points necessary for Tormin the Cold.

If you are going for finishing this Tormin event, you’ll want to make sure to login at least once every day to scoop up your free “Regular Pack” that will include 20 Snow Points.

Cursed City – NEW AREA IS LIVE!

The Cursed City of Sintranos content went live in-game. There are 2 difficulties, normal and hard, with many different kinds of rooms and bosses to take down on the journey to clear as much of this area as players can. The ultimate prize is Karnage the Anarch, a new Mythical champion that can be acquired by earning “Occult Cursed Candles” as rewards for clearing stages and defeating Amius in hard mode.

According to community polling on ChoseN’s YouTube Channel, this new Cursed City content is being received as a mostly positive addition to RAID Shadow Legends by about 80% of the player-base.

Some of the positive feedback being shared is:

  • Non-META champions have a place to be used
  • Able to see / plan for stages that you haven’t gotten to yet
  • Karnage the Anarch being a worthwhile Champion reward
  • Decent rewards in Hard difficulty
  • The new sets are very strong

Some of the negative feedback being shared is:

  • Awakening requirements are too brutal
  • Reusing too many existing bosses / assets
  • Lackluster rewards in Normal difficulty

We have a dedicated article breaking down the Cursed City of Sintranos and things like the new Supersonic & Merciless gear sets HERE!

More New Champions

In this official post from Plarium, the newest champions coming to RAID Shadow Legends were announced. You may already be familiar with the holiday fusion champion, Blizaar the Howler, and the epic champion required to fuse him, Bovos Sharphorn, but there were also 3 other new legendary champions announced as well.

RAID SHADOW LEGENDS coming to Steam in 2024

Early in the next year on January 9th of 2024, RAID Shadow Legends will be officially supported on Steam. Plarium is providing incentives to go on Steam and wishlist RAID with the following milestone rewards:

  1. 25,000 Players = 500k Silver
  2. 50,000 Players = 1 Epic Skill Tome + 500k Silver
  3. 75,000 Players = 500 Energy + 1 Epic Skill Tome + 500k Silver
  4. 100,000 Players = 1 XP Barrel + 500 Energy + 1 Epic Skill Tome + 500k Silver

This is a trend becoming more common in the mobile RPG genre, as we’ve seen games like Dragonheir: Silent Gods launch with Steam support. If you would like to Steam Wishlist towards these milestone rewards, THIS LINK will take you to RAID’s Steam Page.

Plarium issue Facebook Account Warning

Plarium has notified the player base that RAID Shadow Legends will be disappearing from the Facebook Cloud at the start of 2024. This means that for players who are only accessing their RAID account via logging in through a Facebook connection, they will definitely want to prioritize making sure they also tie their account to a Plarium Play account before the end of December.

Clan vs Clan Tournament – Tuesday, December 19th

Clan vs Clan will launch at the normal expected time of Tuesday, December 19th, and will not feature personal rewards, however may feature different rewards than what we’re used to. Our Clan vs Clan Calculator can help you plan optimally for your next match.


Let us know what you think of this week’s Raid Weekly Recap in the comments below! 

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