Rotation 5 Breakdown – Hydra Clan Boss Guide

Published On: September 14, 2022

Hydra Clan Boss – Rotation 5


When it comes to battling the Hydra Clan boss, every rotation brings a unique challenge. The affinities of the heads change, as do the heads in the starting rotation. It’s important to keep in mind that the higher level you hit, the less likely the same heads will pop back up. Higher levels require you to prepare for all 6 heads, not just the starting rotation. However, you can get by on lower levels if you don’t mind resetting and playing the RNG game if you focus on counteracting just the starting heads of a current rotation. For this guide, we’ll also talk about how the affinities affect your team’s choices. Refer to our Stages Tool for each rotation if you’re looking to prepare your teams


The Starting Rotation

If you’re hitting Nightmare or Brutal, you’ll certainly need to prepare for all 6 heads. However, let’s assume you’re just focusing on Normal level (or willing to go for RNG strategy for Hard) and take a look mainly at the starting heads. For Rotation 5, the starting heads are Decay, Blight, Suffering and Mischief.

  1. Bring a champion with Provoke. Because you know you have a high chance of dealing with the Head of Decay the entire fight, you’ll want a reliable Provoker or multiple champions with this skill. If you keep this head provoked, it cannot use its other active skills, only it’s A1. This can help you avoid those pesky cleanses that reset all your hard work.
  2. Bring a champion with Block Buffs. The other 3 heads all put up buffs (or steal them) so a key for this lineup will also be a champion with Block Buffs. It’s one of the most important debuffs to bring into all hydra fights.
  3. Bring a “Mischief Target”. Mischief being in the mix either requires your whole team to have high resistance to resist the buff steals or a “mischief target” to be built. You can avoid worrying about this head also by having Block Buffs up the entire time as well.

Luckily, this rotation does not include Wrath or Torment in the starting lineup. This means you can hope to avoid them and not worry about extra survivability to handle the big Wrath hits (shields, block damage, Increase DEF buffs, etc) and leave out Shamael or a Perfect Veil champion for Torment’s constant Fear/True Fear debuffs. (Again, it should be stressed that for the BEST success with hydra, you should prepare for these as well to reduce the RNG stressing about which head will pop up after decapitation).


The Affinities Matter!

When talking about counteracting each head, making sure you have champions that aren’t weak affinity for that role is important. The Head of Decay is Magic affinity. For this rotation, you’ll want to pick a Provoke champion (or two) that are not Spirit affinity to avoid weak hits and the debuff not landing. Both the Head of Blight and Suffering are Force affinity. In this case, you might want to avoid a Magic champion for relying on Block Buffs to land. The Head of Mischief is Spirit affinity for this rotation. You’ll want to avoid Force champions for Block buffs if you’re going that strategy instead of having a Mischief target. However, you can also have extra insurance and use multiple champions with that skill to cover your bases. (Uugo & Ukko are a great combo in a rotation like this!).

If you’re preparing well and planning to counteract all 6 heads, keep in mind that the Head of Torment is Magic and the Head of Wrath is Spirit. If your team is too Force-heavy, Wrath will be even more of an issue with the hard hits and you might struggle landing important debuffs.

Keep in mind affinity does not matter when champion skills place vs hit. If the skill is a hit, you can get a weak hit with negative affinity and debuffs cannot land on weak hits. If you’re placing a debuff, affinity doesn’t matter as there’s no concern for a “weak hit”.

MVPs for this Rotation

Hydra Rotation MVP

Uugo + Ukko – This combination is strong! Between the two champions, you have double protection to land Block Buffs given the different affinities. You also have almost all other roles covered (except Provoker for Decay & a Mischief target) with their diverse skill sets. Together they bring Block Buffs, Decrease ATK, Decrease ACC, Decrease DEF, Leech, Increase SPD, cleansing, heals and a revive.

Hydra Rotation MVP

Husk & Royal Guard – This might be the rotation where you let the Geomancers take a break and let someone else pump out the main damage. When the Head of Wrath is not out, you’ll notice you get much lower damage from Geomancer. Husk is Force affinity so strong for this given 2 force, 1 magic in the starting lineup. Plus, he can provoke Decay and has a strong affinity to do so. Royal Guard is weak for 2 of the heads but strong for Mischief. When there is no Hex on this head, you need AoE to reliably hit it. Having Royal Guard in the lineup will be key for getting a champion that’s been devoured back from that head (as Husk could weak hit). Both together in the same lineup is ideal for higher levels especially.

Hydra Rotation MVP

Ninja & Mordecai – Ninja brings damage + HP burns. He’s a strong affinity for Mischief so helpful for getting out devoured heads. Mordecai places HP burns so affinity never matters. This is super helpful against the Head of Blight if you don’t have Block Buffs. HP Burn prevents all hits from being weak hits if Poison Cloud is on any heads. It should be noted that HP burn is especially effective for damage in lower levels of hydra but does fall off and get outscaled by others at high levels.

Hydra Rotation MVP

Krisk, Tuhanarak, Soulless & Khoronar – The simple fact of void affinity makes affinity based on rotation a non-issue. These champions excel in Hydra. Krisk and Tuhanark have very diverse kits and cover most of the bases needed for beating hydra. Soulless and Khoronar are strong provokers that also bring more to the fight and make them worthy of every rotation, especially if the Head of Decay is in the starting lineup.



  1. SS2020user September 14, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    Would Bivald, Teumesia, Ukko, Uugo, Helicath and RG be a decent team for hard?

    • ivyleegaming September 14, 2022 at 12:41 pm

      I would say Helicath doesn’t bring much for this fight. He’s best when you have to deal with Wrath a lot in the lower levels; but that’s not the case for this rotation. Husk for more damage + backup provoke would probably help more. I would say Mordecai over Teumesia if you have them; Teumesia doesn’t bring much for hydra besides the one burn which is a hit not a place so can’t put it up if Poison Cloud is already out. Or Ninja for burns + damage.

      • SS2020user September 15, 2022 at 6:32 am

        Teumesia does (for some reason) put it up agains cloud. Is your reccomendation still to replace her with Mordecai? And I will swap out Hellcat for Husk.

        • ivyleegaming September 15, 2022 at 7:54 am

          Ah interesting! In that case leave her, the extra help with decrease defense doesn’t hurt! But yeah her kit reads attack all enemies first so that shouldn’t allow the HP burn to place if Poison Cloud is already up.

      • Zlifer05 September 15, 2022 at 6:49 pm

        I use helicath as a general carry to just survive and not to worry about heath stats. and Hi ivy

  2. [email protected] September 16, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Do we need accuracy for Royal guard to be effective on Hard?

  3. [email protected] September 16, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Lady kimi should be mvp right? Block buffs, inc acc, inc spd, dec spd, dec acc…

  4. ivyleegaming September 16, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    Yeah that’s fair if you can still cover all the other needed skills with him in the team, personally i feel if I put someone like that in, then I’m always missing something; at least on higher levels. For Normal & Hard, however, I find that strat to work great though and Helicath is awesome for survivability, especially if Wrath is in starting lineup

  5. ivyleegaming September 16, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    @jakenabbott – Accuracy I don’t put on RG if I have reliable decrease defense elsewhere. The speeds are pretty easy to get on Hard so you probably don’t need the A3 skill. Best to build him just for damage if you can. I’ve also put HP banner on him instead of Accuracy for survivability, for example.

    Also yes Lady Kimi is amazing for all levels for hydra; I use her in my Brutal team but I think switching her with Duchess to my Nightmare one.

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