Published On: August 24, 2023
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This secret room requires you to use Rare Magic Champions only. Lets break down how to approach this challenge!


Enemy Waves


Below are the waves you will face in the secret room including the stats – generally secret room enemies are much slower than other aspects of Doom Tower. You should pay special attention to the following problematic champions:

Throughout these waves, you will be facing multiple damage dealers/support champions, with some familiar faces being the starter champions Galek & Elhain. Away from purely the DPS and Debuffs, you will face, it’s worth noting champions such as Avir The Alchemage will mitigate the damage you deal [Decrease Attack], whilst also Turn Meter increasing enemies into more turns. If you implement forms of healing into your team, also look out for the Fortress Goon who will place a Heal Reduction on your allies!

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


How to beat the secret room!


Below is the recommend team that is best fit to beat this room. We also detail alternatives for each champion if you do not have them. It is worth noting alternatives are fine replacements but will be less efficient i.e. potentially make the run slower or require you to run a few times to get good RNG.

The core mechanics of the team demonstrated revolve around the Skinwalker champion in Graybeard, who is a master of crowd control, due to placing AOE freeze debuffs, whilst also having a strong chance of placing single target Provokes on enemies. Outside of this, we have implemented multiple DPS champions, the block debuffs & increase Defence of Marked, and the Healing/Speed manipulation of Apothecary. You may also want to consider a Stun set on AOE champions you use for bonus crowd control.

MVP’s for this Strategy

Candleguard – This dwarven candle lover grants two abilities with AOE attacks, coinciding with Weaken Debuffs, and also applying her damage… to deal decent damage! Building this champion in a stun set is ideal.

Apothecary – A true master of speed manipulation and heals. If you desire the ultimate support champion for this secret room, then Apothecary is your secret weapon!

Fleshmonger This ferocious pig can increase his own attack and critical rate, and grants an extra turn, followed by placing a 60% Decrease Defence on all enemies. If you require this debuff to power through the waves, then look no further!

Starter Champions – Utilising any of your starter champions you may have built in the early game may be the ones to consider, as they all inflict great damage on enemies. The two most popular for this room are Kael & Elhain.

Judge – Roll the dice with this unique champion where each hit has a chance of placing a variety of impactful debuffs. He also has great damage potential in each of his skills.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:

Damage Dealers:

Candleguard, Kael, Judge, Galek, Fleshmonger, Athel, Purgator, Elhain


Pathfinder Cait, Executioner, Banshee (Stun Set), Diabolist, Graybeard, Trugorr


Runic Warder, Avir the Alchemage, Gator, Marked, Apothecary, Valerie

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